Shark attack at Myrtle Beach South Carolina on 7 year old boy

** Unconfirmed shark attack at Myrtle Beach South Carolina on 7 year old boy ***

Boy possibly bitten by shark in Myrtle Beach

A 7-year-old boy was taken to the hospital Monday afternoon after a possible shark bite.

Myrtle Beach police say they’re not sure if it was a shark or another type of fish that bit the boy while in the surf with family from West Virginia.

He had several puncture wounds to the bottom of one foot. The lifeguard nearby said it was not a life-threatening injury.

It happened in the area of 3rd Avenue North, near the pier.

Roseanna Woody of Greensboro, North Carolina told us her family was in the ocean on boogie boards in that area Sunday and saw sharks near the 2nd Avenue pier. “The lifeguards made us get out of the water because of Tiger Sharks, maybe baby sharks were in the area. They weren’t too concerned, but it was about two hours that we had to be out of the water,” Woody said.

Two men, who are also vacationing said they too spotted several sharks near the pier.

Woody said she and her family are changing the way they do things in the water. “We’re trying to stay safe. We’re very careful about how far we are going out and staying closer to other people. We do love the ocean and love to swim. It’s made it a little less enjoyable this trip because we’re afraid of the sharks.”

The boy was taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.

No word on the boys condition.

Swimmers are being allowed back in at this time.

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