Salmon Shark caught in Russia

Date: 22. August 2011.

Location: ‘Mirror Bay’, Kavalerovsky District, Primorsky Krai, Russia.

Species: Salmon Shark ( Lamna ditropis ), male.

Size: said to be 2.2 metres in length.

The capture of this specimen (by ‘amateur fishermen’) has received much

attention in the Russian press because of the two recent shark attacks in the region.

Several commercial fishing vessels have been ordered to hunt the shark (photo) that

was responsible for the attacks, but they haven’t caught any shark yet.

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  1. Salmon sharks appear in the coastal waters of the Sakhalin Island annually in summer season. There is known three cases of salmon shark caught in July and August 2011: near south-western coast of Sakhalin and 2 cases in the Aniva Bay. But there is some uncertainty in the identification of species of this shark in the first case.

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