Protected Sharks disallowed in Alabama Tournament – Sandbar sharks

16 July 2011

The Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo is currently taking place on Dauphin Island.

This event is considered as one of the oldest and largest multi-species saltwater tournament in the country.

According to, three of the seven sharks brought to scales on Friday ( 15 July ) were disallowed because they were sandbar sharks.

The sandbar shark ( Carcharhinus plumbeus ) is a large coastal shark that is federally protected.

Dr. Marcus Dryman, a fisheries scientist of the University of South Alabama, said this shark species was protected after it was overfished for its large dorsal fin.

It’s a valued product mainly in far Eastern countries.

Dr. Dryman also said that fishermen can distinguish sandbar sharks from other non-protected coastal sharks by their large dorsal fin and the distinct interdorsal ridge that runs between the first and second dorsal fins.

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