Small Shark latched onto Man’s leg in Australia

Man bitten by shark at Elwood beach

Mark Buttler, Herald Sun,
19. October 2011

A MAN has been bitten by a shark at inner-Melbourne Elwood Beach.

Paramedics were called to the beach at 4.30pm after a report a man had been attacked.

The man, an experienced scuba diver aged in his 50s, did not need to go to hospital.

The shark latched onto the man’s calf but his skin was not pierced. He was wearing a wetsuit at the time.

The shark is believed to have been a 1m long Port Jackson shark. A paramedic said the man had never experienced anything like it before.

”He told us that he was swimming along when he felt something latch onto his leg,” the paramedic said.

”He said that when he turned around he saw the shark attached to his leg. He told us that he started to swim for shore and called out for help.

”By the time he made it to shore the shark was still hanging on but after a while he managed to dislodge it and it swam back out into the bay.

”As we assessed him we found that there wasn’t any damage to his wetsuit but he did have a small bruise to his calf. Thankfully he didn’t require any treatment.”

Photo: The shark which bit a man at Elwood beach

Source and Photo Credit : The Herald Sun



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