Porbeagle Shark sold at Dutch Auction

Date: reported on 17. August 2011.

Location: The Hague, Netherlands.

Species: Porbeagle shark ( Lamna nasus ).

Size: 135 kg (ca. 298 lb) in weight.

The shark was auctioned at a fish market in Scheveningen.

A short time ago, another porbeagle was offered at the

same market . Both specimens had been captured in the

southern North Sea.

Source and Photo Credit: ‘Alles over Katwijk’ .




  1. This animals are critically endangered in the NE Atlantic. The sale of this species should be heavily punished.

  2. Paul Crooks

    Why aren’t governments following advice from IUCN, FAO, FIGIS, PEW etc…
    A call on CITES Parties, between now and the next CITES Conference, to:

    • Heed all available scientific advice for limiting shark catches;• Fully protect shark species listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered by the IUCN;• Set precautionary shark fishing limits [where no advice exists];• Ensure all sharks are landed with their fins naturally attached;• Work with other countries to prepare and promote shark listing proposals for the next CITES Conference;  and• Improve shark trade data collection by taking national action to list all species proposed at CITES 2010 on Appendix III before the next CITES meeting in 2013.We call on governments around the world to heed scientific advice to provide better protection for all sharks and their ocean ecosystem.
    it is ignorant & arrogant to the intelligence & well being of societal man, of whom put their trust in governments to oversee ridicule such as this.
    WAKE UP WORLD & VOICE YOUR CONCERN – THIS AFFECTS EVERY LIVING HUMAN NOW in the short term, for the long term. 

  3. J. M. Neumann

    I agree. It is an endangered species. Why is it being sold like a side of beef???

  4. Fred Evans

    This is devastating and unbelievable anyone caught doing this deserves a prison sentence

  5. The only way to stop this behaviour is to hit the people involved in the pocket – confiscate the meat, close the businesses involved and impose heavy financial fines!

    This however requires political will and thats where the problem starts – the politicians and law makers! But the public can put pressure on their leaders where there is a will to do so.

  6. Clarke Fullerton

    Lets get to the point here.Shark meat isn’t very high on anybodys shopping list.Most of us get by on meat from domesticated sources.A total ban on shark fishing is what is needed.These are endangered species for goodness sake.The oceans are not ours to do as we please with.SAVE THE SHARK!

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