Porbeagle shark displayed by UK fishmonger

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
07. October 2011

Date: reported on 07. October 2011.

Location: Portsmouth, England UK ( but caught off Scotland ).

Species: Porbeagle shark ( Lamna nasus ).

Size: 84.5 pounds.

The photo below shows the porbeagle shark being displayed at

Viviers Fish Market in Southsea.

According to the source, the specimen was caught off the coast of Scotland.

Source and Photo Credit: Strong Island



  1. Lisa

    Lovely!!! A dead shark!! Was it an accidental catch or a fishing trip to see who could  catch the biggest shark boost a few egos and assist In the depletion of a struggling species!!!

  2. Such a magnicent creature. It’s terrible to see it ¬†displayed so shamefully. At 84 pounds it was just a kid.

  3. Kristy

    People just absolutely disgust me!!! i cannot wait for the day that the human race is wiped out (sorry to all the good people out there) and the planet along with all its inhabitants can regenerate and live a long natural life.

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