Okuma White Sands Tournament 2011


Location: Jervis Bay Game Fishing Club, Huskisson, New South Wales, Australia.

Date: 25. – 27. November 2011

48 boats and 173 anglers participated in the tournament.

In total 140 fish were tagged or captured, including the following specimens:
99 Yellowfin Tuna up to 55Kg Total
1 x 97.2 KG Big Eye Tuna Pending Record on 24 Kg
8 Mako Sharks – 3 Tiger Sharks.
7 Albacore.

Results – Shark Categories:

Heaviest Shark:
Species: Shortfin mako ( Isurus oxyrinchus ).
Weight: 232.8 kg
Angler: Jason Sinclair
Line-Class: 24 kg
Vessel: Childs Play
Club: Ulladulla

2nd Heaviest Shark:
Species: Tiger shark ( Galeocerdo cuvier ).
Weight: 196.8 kg
Angler: Dan Woods
Line-Class: 24 kg
Vessel: Childs Play
Club: Ulladulla

Other shark capture:
Species: Shortfin mako ( Isurus oxyrinchus ).
Weight: 148.4 kg
Angler: Paul Bayley
Line-Class: 8 kg
Vessel: Outcast

Most Sharks Tag & Release Boat:
Vessel: Childs Play
Club: Ulladulla
Number of Sharks: 2

2nd Most Sharks Tag & Release Boat:
Vessel: Reel Shattered
Club: Callala
Number of Sharks: 2

Source and Photo Credit: Jervis Bay Game Fishing Club Inc.



  1. Jonathan Michel

    This catching and displaying of sharks is brutal and uneccessary. Catch and Release angling should be practiced by all game fishermen. There is no need for these ‘trophy photos’, especially when the species in question are threatened specties vulnerable to extinction. Please don’t do this again. Have some repsect for these incredible animals.

  2. Jill Hirschi

    Way to prove humans are COLD and RUTHLESS killers, that just kill for fun. Also thanks for killing the ocean, because oxygen, water, food, and climate is not a big thing and we can live without it. None of you are real men, just stupid brutal killers

    • swagger

      SUCK IT PRINCESS……..yes thats right us fishermen/woman are the only ones out there potentially destroying the environment, you make absoulty no contribution what so ever!!
      Wake up to yourself you hipocrit, you use electricity dont you, you drive a car dont you, you use public transport dont you………and at a guess you even write on paper too.
      Everything we do as a human socitey has some effect on the earth, your just another pathetic person who thinks they are the perfect green ambassador…….why not ban rod and reels along with guns too………MORON.
      Another person who sees it there way and thats that!!!

      • You accuse Jill of being one-eyed, well have a listen to the garbage you are spewing you fool. What the hell has catching public transport got to do with killing our ocean’s apex predators? That is the most ridiculous and poorly thought out analogy I have ever come across. Although we (those trying to protect our marine wildlife) should consider ourselves grateful if our opponents have the low level of intelligence you obvioulsy possess.

        • swagger

          MMMM……..well mick what can i say, here you are trying to mock my intelligence when you clearly connot think outside the box. Does public tranport produce pollution? doesnt pollution effect the environment both on land and in the water? (I have tryed to keep the words as simple as possible for you as i dont thinck you are quite the intelligent being you perceve yourself to be), try real hard mate you might be able to figure out what i am saying.
          You verably attack fishermen/women and get your back up when someone retaliates….GO CRAWL BACK UNDER YOUR ROCK!!!

  3. Lana

    one should not forget who pays for conservation law enforcement, fishing quotas figures, puts tags in sharks so the population is monitored in some way. the fishermen

    In the USA fishermen have to pay $50 in advance and ask for permission from the government before they are allowed to keep a shark.

    If every person complaining about how shark conservation is going would pay the same amount of fees as fishermen do shark conservation would not be such a problem.

    Look at the shark divers they complain about shark conservation but put absolutely not one penny into shark conservation. Start charging the shark divers $50 a dive to go towards shark conservation.

  4. Simon

    I’m dismayed to see catch-and-kill game fishing events still taking place. This kind of event belongs in the Stone Age now. I’m particularly dismayed to see big shortfin mako sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus) being killed in this competition. Australian and New Zealand mako shark stocks are headed for crisis due to the rampant depradations of long-liners and recreational fishermen. We recreational fishermen should be leading the way with voluntary total C&R of mako sharks, and putting pressures on governments over the commercial long-lining kill of makos. I feel sick when I see pictures of big dead makos like this. It’s worth noting that the so-called scientific information of mako growth rates and ages (still being quoted by some bloody fishery agencies) was proven wrong by several scientific studies published in 2006. Makos are NOT fast growing, and they DO NOT reach sexual maturity in 4–6 years. They are relatively slow-growing, males do not reach sexual maturity until at least 8 yearsof age, and females do not reach sexual maturity until at least 18 years of age. They have one litter of pups (as baby sharks are called) every 3 years.

  5. Absolutely disgusting display of the wasteful and wanton murder of oceanic wildlife. The people involved are nothing short of pigs!


    Before you tree huggers start whinging, you should take the time to check the full tournament results. Of the 140 odd fish caught, over 100 were tagged and released as part of the gamefish tagging program. The largest program of its kind in the world. Contrary to some of your ill informed braindead comments above, this research is providing valuable information on these fish, stocks, growth rates, migration, reproduction and much more.

    Now how about the cash injection these tournaments bring to these small coastal FISHING PORTS that you do- gooders like to visit? Without fishing, both recreational and commercial, alot of these towns would not exist. Next is the dwindling shark stocks you speak of. Find somebody willing to take you out for a look and i doubt you will be in a hurry to dive in for a swim. Last of all, before you all converted to Tofu and lettuce leaves, im sure you have eaten fish before. Where do you think that might have come from you hippocrites.
    Lastly, dont feel too bad. Im sure the sharks you see in these pics will not go to waste. They have probably already gone through the mincer to use to catch more sharks. Now go and find a protest to march in, that you know nothing about. Tight lines.

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