Noteworthy elasmobranch records from Oman

Short Communication published in April 2011

AC Henderson and AJ Reeve


Records of 11 elasmobranch species previously unreported from, or uncommon in, Omani waters are presented. Records new to Oman include Carcharhinus altimus, C. leiodon, Centrophorus  isodon, Ctenacis fehlmanni, Himantura fai, Mobula eregoodootenke and Sphyrna zygaena, whereas noteworthy records of uncommon species include Himantura imbricata, Paragaleus randalii, Rhinobatos salalah and Taeniura meyeni — some of which are confirmed from the Gulf of Oman for the first time. These records bring to 57, the number of elasmobranch species confirmed in Omani waters.

African Journal of Marine Science 2011, 33(1): 171–175



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