Montauk Marine Basin 41st Annual Shark Tag Tournament

Date: June 23 to 25, 2011.

Location: Montauk, New York.

This year, about 125 boats participated in the tournament, which took place at

the Montauk Marin Basin.

A total of $50,000 in cash prizes was available to winners in various categories.

Tournament Results:

Thresher Shark (Alopias vulpinus) Category:

1st Place and Overal largest catch of Tournament:

Size: 255 pounds.

Angler: Capt. Mike Evisto.

Boat: Instigator.

Prize: $11,000.

2nd Place:

Size: 245 pounds.

Angler: Joe Mole

Boat: Fish On ( Viotilaty)

3rd Place:

Size: 236 pounds.

Angler: Joe Briganti

Boat: Last Dance


Mako Shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) Category:

1st Place .

Size: 249 pounds.

Angler: Nishan Vartanian.

Boat: Canyon Lady.

2nd Place :

Size: 220 pounds.

Angler: Rich Anderson

Boat: New Attitude

3rd Place :

Size: 186 pounds.

Angler: Tim Conlon

Boat: Oh Brother.


Blue shark (Prionace glauca) Category:

1st Place:

Size: 252 pounds.

Angler: Rob Ferrentinos

Boat: Fish N Chips

2nd Place:

Size: 238 pounds.

Angler: Jay Barbour.

Boat: Southern Gale

3rd Place:

Size: 235 pounds.

Angler: Gary Sevard

Boat: Tiger Shark


1st Place Woman :

Species: Mako.

Size: 154 pounds.

Angler: Karen Weaver.

Boat: We Go



Photo credit: Matthew Margolis




















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