Miami angler lands giant tiger shark

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
13. December 2011

LMR Tackle is reporting about the capture of a huge tiger shark in the Miami area.

According to the fishing report published on their website (date: 22nd November 2011), the tiger shark, which measured over 15 feet in length and weighed over half a ton, was caught by the charter boat ‘Striker-1’ in about 100 feet of water. The captain of this vessel is Mark ‘The Shark’ Quartiano.

The killing of this specimen might represent the last legal retention of a monster-sized tiger shark in the long history of sport-fishing in the state of Florida.

A few weeks ago, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has decided to prohibit the harvest of tiger sharks from state waters. The new measure also protects three species of hammerhead sharks and will go into effect on 1st January 2012 (see here).

Source and Photo: LMR Custom Rods & Tackle



  1. Caroline

    This is a disgrace to mankind

  2. Charlotte Stewart

    Real brave man aren’t you scumbag! F—-g asshole! I hope you fall off of your boat and get eaten by a great white. F—-g lowlife piece of shit coward asshole. Sharks are declining at such an alarming rate and you fucking piece of shit think it’s cool to kill them. Karma is going to bite your f—-g ass (hopefully a shark) I hope you die a horrible death and rot in hell!

    • joe

      Wow, Charlotte, such vinegar.  God said Man is higher on the food chain compared to any wildlife.  Man is the Master of this Earth – and shall preside over the flora & fauna.  Consider this one dead fauna!  I am a member of PETA – ‘People Eating Tasty Animals’.  God Bless America.  Oh, Occupy called, they want their Tree Hugger back.

      • James

        This god guy, not sure about him, but I’m afraid he’s having to recall all these total cunts who consider themselves to have the god-given right to be total arseholes and support killing pregnant sharks.

        • kuko

          It aint pregnant, i think its gravity

        • Teufelhund

          It isn’t pregnant. Instead of name calling you should do some research. Sharks lack the hard skeleton of other animals. They have a cartilage skeleton so when a large shark like this is hauled up like that all the organs are pulled down by gravity which gives it that bulged look and is also the reason why the front half of the body is so skinny. Its the same reason why you should never pull a large shark up onto a beach or anything else hard because their body weight will crush all of their organs from the lack of a calcified skeletal system. Next time you get angry and use offensive language be sure to at least say something smart. 

      • Mike

        You’re an idiot. You’re quoting the Bible incorrectly – ‘rule over’ does not equate to needlessly slaughter. Not only that you’re being an ignorant, patronising douche. You say ‘god bless america’ despite America banning this practice in less than a month… You’ve managed to sound like an all-round cretin. Congratulations.

      • Richard

        One problem with your argument mate: God doesn’t exist. In case you also didn’t realise, either does Santa, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy.

        • Josh

          Even if God did exist, then he created these animals. So you think its OK to kill God’s creations? You people who cite the Bible are just full of contradictions, idiots.

      • Greg

        God? Really? There is no god, if you believe in god as an adult you mine as well believe in santa f—ing claus. Sharks are apex predators that are WAY f—-g higher on the food chain than humans. Sharks need to be protected. If hypothetically there was a god, its said he made us all to be just like him, so hitler, charles manson, bundy, osama, terrorists, murderers, rapists, thieves, your neighborhood pedophile, and the japanese who slaughter whales and dolphins are ALL mirror of YOUR god.

        • Cory

          Quite possibly the dumbest argument ever. Oh and if sharks are higher on the food chain than humans, why would they need t be protected? Not only are they higher on the food chain they are way …. Higher. False. Nothing is higher than a human on the food chain. 

          • Angel

            Quite correct Cory.
            Also the top of the food chain human is the only one in any part of the chain that kills for fun and joy. It is the only creation in chain that kills its habitat and pollute the earth. If we do not change I am sure we will also become extinct on the very top of the food chain.
            Also sharks need protection because they are the top predator in oceans. If we kill them we will destroy the eco system of the oceans forever. This is no race between the sharks and humans. This is a race to save the future of our children and their children. As a sharing partner of this planet, if you let me, I want to show my grand children some sharks in nature as we are able to see. Having a gun or a fishing device to kill makes you smart, not a top predator. We do not have the natural ability to be on the top of the food chain as sharks or lions. We are just smarter. That only makes us better killers, not top predators but top killers. There is a natural difference.

      • cory

        no joe we are not the best thing in the world humans are one of the most pathitic things in the world. we use the earth as our garbage can, and now killing all the animals

    • nate

      Piss off you retarded cunt . I hope a shark eats your fuckin ass .

      • AlB

        Here at SYM we do not remove or change anyone’s comments being so. Please watch your language as there are children and people like myself who never use such language on here. We understand your fustration, but try to explain yourself without a foul mouth. You and your comment will mean more than a bunch of curse words will.

  3. Roland

    Hopefully I’ll live to the day when these idiots become extinct…

    • Roland: You are an optimist or else you want to live eternally to witness the extinction of idiots…  🙂   As long as there will be humans roaming the earth, the idiots among them (unfortunately not just a few of them like this notorious shark killer) won’t become extinct…

  4. terry bull

    Disgusting image , Disgusting idiot , how this person makes a living killing these sharks is quite unbelievable , why are the authorites allowing this to continue , if their are no laws , there should be .

  5. Ken Rob

    Trophy fishing for a unique and invaluable and more more exceedingly rare species is really disturbing. Self esteem should not be based on killing such an animal.Yes you killed a fine animal and now you feel so much better. What a sad waste of two lives. The shark and the human who bases their self identity on such a horrific act.

    • Kelita Shadrach

      YOU S.O.B!!!!!!!!!!! What a inhuman, horrible, bored, misguided reject!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you mad!!! Oh my gosh !!! I hate @ssHol3s like you!!! You think hunting is fun-really you think killing one of the worlds oldest species is fun!!! You think killing a creature that did nothing more than live its life minding its own business is a Sport!!! Do you no what would really be fun ? Me kicking your face in!!!! P.S: I hope you drown. Sincerely: A sharks best friend!

  6. Sam

    Stupid motherf—–r !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  7. eddy

    this is such a shame to do that job, making money on killing animal, what’s worst

  8. david preutz

    Absolutely disgusting. Unnecessary. And Mark, you’re an utterTWAT!!!!!!!

  9. Lucila

    This is not my idea of a sport, this is pathetic! Way to go wiping out out megafauna, moron!

  10. Michael

    What a shithead. The look on his face just makes me want to hurl.

  11. Mari

    is it just me … or does she look pregnant?

  12. Mari

    i cant believe this image….

  13. MShindle

    The new law was enacted to protect this exact fish. A mature, breeding female Tiger shark. By trying to “shoot the last buffalo”, you show what an absolute loser you are. Other area captains, and fishermen, should string you up just like your dead, unedible catch. You are a disgrace to the sport.

  14. Jimothy

    Wow great catch Mark, right on!

  15. Mike

    Being a Commercial Diver I have a unspoken agreement with ALL SHARKS. They don’t eat me and I wont eat them. Yet little dick dude like this kill a shark for what. I dont even think you can eat Tiger shark. Mercury levels are way to high in the meat. This guy is a pussy and I hope god will have mercy on you if your boat ever SINKS! Karma is a bitch and Iam sure karma will come along in the form a giant SUPER BITCHY, HUNGRY FEMALE TIGER SHARK! Oh and just so you know TIGERS will completely consume you. They don’t care if you tast like scumbag!

  16. Tim

    What is that big lump in the sharks stomach? Probably a human, well done for getting the shark out of the water!

  17. Cenzo

    Something tells me this guy is just making a living like every other hard working man out there.  You should really blame the people that hire him to go out and fish for these extravagant creatures.  Sure, Marktheshark could stop doing this and stop feeding his children, but then someone else would be doing it instead of him.  Until laws and the legalities of what people do are brought forth, then leave the man alone.  How many of yoy complaining have actually tried to do something about it?  What do you all do for a living? I’m sure there are people out there that despise what you do.  Look in the mirror. Think about what you do, legal or illegal, and how it can harm someone else… not just a fish, but another human being. Then come back here and complain.

    • Jack

      There is also a moral obligation by the person to say I do not agree with this. Just because the law says you can do something does not make it morally acceptable.

      • Cenzo

        Are you f-ing kidding me? Morally acceptable?  Let’s start with our CEOs, banks, insurance companies, medicare, politicians… there’s a good start if you are fighting morally unacceptable people in your life.  Where’s the line?  Sharks? Chickens? Cows? Hunting deer for sport? Game fish? Is a Sea Bass okay? What if I eat it? Or just frame it? Can I kill a spider? What if spider was pregnant? People need to care about people… where’s that fight?

        • Jack

          I totally agree with that sentiment. The argument that I pose encompasses all of the above mentioned. However I am sure you would agree that hunt for sport and hunting for  food are totally different as is hunting sustainable fishing stocks and hunting a species to extinction. 

          • Cenzo

            Contrary to what you may think, tiger sharks are not going nowhere.  They’ll be here long after we are all gone. They are one of our planets prehistoric habitats and have survived far greater catastrophes. I feel for animal life, but perhaps some of us need to have a stronger attitude for human life. I’ve gone shark fishing for sport and had a blast. We even ate shark for the first time ever.  Hunting for sport, I feel has very little impact as most of it is regulated.  Those that create mass death factories, such as China, are the bigger issue.  But, this Marktheshark guy probably has a lot of knowledge and respect for marine life, and what he does is pretty harmless to the ecosystem.

          • Madison

            Watch Sharkwater Cenzo, you will see where sharks are going. Everyone on this thread should watch it

          • Cenzo

            Well as inspiring as it may be, I’ll pass.  Since after watching, Rise of the Jellyfish scared me to death that the world is overrun by the deadly Box Jellyfish and our beaches are never going to be safe again.  I’ll focus my viewing pleasures away from propaganda and onto justified causes.

          • Greg

            Ok, Cenzo?? whatever kind of name that is.. you are f—ng retarded a) First off, f–k people, humans have fucked up and raped the shit outta earth to points that are now irreversible and most humans are a pathetic waste of life with no regard for anyone else, we need natural selection back so only the tough, savvy or lucky survive, f–k people and f–k people like you b) check your facts, 90% of the sharks have been wiped off the planet in the last 50 years, how many more years before 10% is gone? Do the rough math even if the few people (not you) who give a shit try to slow down the process that gives us what, 20 years? 25 maybe? and without sharks the oceans deteriorate, without the oceans so do you, its like you spend your life on your ass watching cartoons and never bother to read a f—ing book or at least choose to click on a documentary. Your last comment makes you look like a moron, get educated motherfucker, lest you be another one of the ignorant humans just wasting air.

        • Jason

          Care about people? Sure, we all care about people. But there’s currently almost 8 billion of us on this planet and we can afford to lose more than a few idiots, while we are wiping these sharks and other species out, many times for no good reason. We have become like a cancer to this planet and its going to bite us in the ass, we just keep breeding and pushing our endless growth economics until one day we might be the cause of our own exitinction.

  18. Adam

    But seriously… when was the last time you met an intelligent fisherman? Fishing is for idiots… this one is dumber than most. 

  19. Josh

    This is completely disgusting. Not only does the fishing of these sharks continue to reinforce myths of their human-killing mentality, but assholes like you inhibit the reproduction of these wonderful creatures. Sharks take a long time to reach sexual maturity and killing them before they reach the age where they can reproduce or while they are currently pregnant (and even after that age) is a utter disgrace. You really do have no regard for life. You are a douchebag

  20. Jack

    This story is a damming indictment of humanity. To hunt a species to extinction or near extinction as we have done with Whales and Sharks is not logical.

    I have faith that humanity will see the error of its ways and learn that it is merely a caretaker of this planet.

    However humanity has a collective responsibility to itself and the planet and pressure must be brought to bear on those sections of humanity that assume that these practices are acceptable.

  21. James

    Wow. You’re a real man. You tricked a fish and killed it. I wish I were as manly as you are. I bet if I threw out a hook with a NASCAR jacket with a picture of your sister’s ass pinned to it, I’d be able to hook and land your ignorant-douchebag ass and mount you on the wall. Jackass….

  22. andrew bromyard

    the guy is a fu*king ar*ehole….. i’ve just looked at his website and he’s even got his 4yr old little boy stood over all these beautiful creatures. nice role model and ideas to put into an impressionable mind… the boy’ll grow up thinking its ok to kill these creatures and take pics of them disfigured cos the water isn’t there to support their weight….  

  23. Louis

    Although its too bad this shark was pregnant , the number of sharks taken by anglers is practically insignificant compared to large scale commercial fishing operations. Gill and drift nets kill more sea life than all of you could ever imagine. This is what should be banned and what you should concentrate your anger and efforts on.

    I personnally think he should have released this animal . Like most responsible anglers do !

  24. Robert Hughes

    You are a self involved scumbag! Fishing and killing a species that is becoming extint is truly ignorant! Sharks go extinct- we lose our oceans- we lose our oceans- human race will follow! I hope that you and your family are first to go! Merry freakin christmas you balless wonder!

  25. Robert Hughes

    Louis- great therory- however- if you are not part of the solution, you are in fact THE PROBLEM!!!!!

  26. richard knowles

    There’s a f—-g asshole born every minute. If we could only make all the assholes extinct.

  27. Mark

    Like the scientific language used to justify it ! ‘The killing of this specimen might represent the last legal retention of a monster-sized tiger shark in the long history of sport-fishing in the state of Florida’ what is it with North Americans and hunting ! killing ! I dive a lot and live In Asia , never see big game fishing , most sites are marine parks anyway where this bullshit doesnt happen ! Should join the military if he has a problem with his manhood !

  28. Mark

    Follow up on my comment , he has been kind enough to leave his website address on the photo ! maybe people should send him a friendly E mail to submit thier views !!

  29. Daniel

    It’s heartwarming to read the comments of most of you intelligent, sensitive and caring individuals out there. In these sad moments, I somehow take comfort in believing that there must be some sort of natural justice: one day, maybe not today, nor tomorrow nor the day after, but at some point in time, monsters like Mark the Shark will pay a heavy price for their ignorant arrogance…

    And I am positive that such human garbage will become extinct before our magnificent sharks. The key to this is KNOWLEDGE and COMMUNICATION. In other words, destroying the Jaws myth, spreading the word to our family, friends and acquaintances, social networking, etc.

    Check out this horrifying review of Mark the Shark I found on Trip Advisor:

    I’ve just notified the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and am curious to see if they will investigate the situation.

    Regards to all who care, and to all others, may your balls get ripped off by a pregnant female tiger shark and may you then rot in hell, and make no mistake: YOU WILL…

  30. Lana

    The worse thing to a sportsman is a Game violator and Mark the shark is not a game violator.

  31. Neil

    The equation is simple enough that even a fisherman should understand.

    Science has proved that by removing the Apex Predators from the ocean equation, fish reproduce LESS often. 

    Get educated.

  32. MONICA

    Million years that I lead to the evolution of the man … it is a shame that some of them did not develop … this one is a faithful sample…STOP KILLING SHARK!!!

  33. marianne

    This may not be nice but… Hope his wife will be pregnant one day and then get killed, see that f…..g face THEN!!

  34. Greg <~~~~~~ anyone know how to send a computer.. or real virus??????

  35. Mark

    Nice to see that most people are outraged by this photo and the guys business ! living outside the States and being a European , i sometimes wonder if its just me being sensitive to images like this . I guess not ! His website is also disguisting and glorifies the slaughtering of big fish . Just surprised that the local government in Miami allows this guy to operate !

  36. Hans Wempe

    Kill this motherf—-r

  37. Lana

    Do the editors here at shark year magazine ( love it by the way) have a copy of the 2009 NMFS apex predator shark survey taken of the east coast of the USA in 2009 by any chance?

    Could you post that if you have it. I know shark populations are in trouble in many areas, but I remember reading in this survey that there were 60 percent more sharks captured than any other year in the surveys 25 years.

    How could all these figures about how many are killed and in a short time all these sharks will be gone when this NMFS survey on shark population off the east coast of the USA has risen by 60 percent in 25 years.

    Could you find the article I’m talking about and post it, Please!!!

  38. This angler is a disgrace. Most of his vital organs seem to be underdeveloped: his heart, his brain, his penis (= which is the most likely explanation for his macho behavior).

  39. Scott

    to all you critics saying that this is a discrace stop been so bloody narrow minded!! I fish for sharks myself and there are plenty of sharks out there the numbers are not declineing rapidly so stop making shit up and running your mouth!! get your facts right before you open your mouth. If any species did have declineing numbers they would protect them like the great white. and why is it so bad to kill this animal becauseits bigger? if some kid posted a picture of a tommy or whitting they caught i bet you would not have a winge!! why is the life of this shark worth more than any other fish just because of its size?

    • well, scott, you might have a point out there.

      in my case it’s simple. i happen to know (and love) sharks just as i love dogs – this is a very personal thing. when i eat a trout which doesn’t happen very often, i feel no pity with it, i have to confess.

      with tiger sharks i have developed a very special bond. they are gentle animals, not aggressive toward humans at all – no shark is.

      so, when i see a hooked shark it hurts me as much as it would hurt me to see a dog killed for “sport” or “pleasure”.

      try to understand “narrow-minded” conservationists like me.

      try to dive with tiger sharks, as i do, instead of catching them…. it might change your outlook on life…

      best wishes,


  40. stay away from this business….they overbook all of their trips and blatantly lie to you and tell you that you are booked for a fishing trip and at the last minute when you have friends in town they try and change the date and also the price that they told you….it is a complete scam!!!!!!!!!!!! mark the shark is a joke…..DO NOT FISH WITH THIS GUY…..THERE ARE SOOOO MANY OTHER OPTIONS OUT THERE FOR GOOD FISHING…..HE IS EXTREMELY RUDE TO HIS CLIENTS……THEY ACTUALLY LAUGH AT YOU WHEN THEY SCREWED EVERYTHING UP AND THEN TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE A LOSER AND HOW MUCH MONEY HE CLAIMS TO MAKE!!!!!!

  41. well wolfgang you ball bag!!! if a kid has a pet goat or sheep or some other strange animal like that does that mean it is now wrong to kill any goats or sheep because that one persons opinion? if all you stupid tree hugging hippies are so against this sport called FISHING why the fuck are you looking up a web site that posts the catches that people are proud of? until an animal becomes protected i will keep fishing for what ever i want. so put your opinions were they fit n i hope one of you or ya loved ones become my next catches dinner

  42. AND pigs are beautiful animals but real good to eat..and shoot, whilst chickens dont put much of a fight up but are heaps good to cut heads off and race them…another favourite is on newyears to stick a fire cracker rubbed in deep heat up a cats bum hole and watch it go off like my reel peelin when ive got an ANIMAL of your pet tiger shark coming my way! you protect animals that are rarely hunted but you eat animals that are often slaughtered and they are considered as pets you fucking retard!

    • when i hear (or see) people like you i feel like barfing. you sound like one of dem red-necks decent americans should feel being ashamed of sharing a common nation. you probably haven’t finished high school, and if you have children – they are to be pitied for calling such a primitive, uncouth character their father.
      I ain`t no hippie, never was, not even when a lot of youngters my age were, i am not “green”, and i don`t hug or fuck trees. you got that, you elephant dicks’ sucking sob?

  43. mr hunt and fish

    I hunt and fish all year long all over the world and im here to say don’t judge me for wwhat i do ive killed many of sharks over the years for food and tournaments. You tree ducks are a bunch of stupid Fuck dumb asses!! I hope all of you realize that all of yoy are a waste of life and kill yourselfs! your parents should be ashamed to call you there kids!your mothers should have swallowed! i hope all you tree fuckers watch someone you care about get killed by an animal drop dead all you fuck wastes of life!! 

  44. Gilbert

    The lack of respect for another living thing here is what really makes this so sad. Its a shame. Kill to survive, not for sport. How would you like to be hunted by a higher race. You would probably hate those assholes.

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