Head of rare shark donated to Melbourne Museum

Rare red goblin shark found by Gippsland fishermen in Bass Strait

By Keva Gocher, Bega
24. November 2011

A Gippsland fishing crew caught a shark with prehistoric teeth that was so unusual they thought they’d found a new species.

Skipper Trevor Hunt, or Bluey as he prefers, says they recently hauled from Bass Straight a bright red, three metre long Goblin shark.

The shark’s head has been donated to the Melbourne Museum.

Melbourne Museum’s senior fish curator Martin Gomon says he is delighted to receive the head for scientific research as he has only seen 3 in his 30 years of work.

Source: ABC Rural Report for Gippsland Victoria and S/E NSW
Photo Credit: South East Trawl Fishing Association (SETFIA)




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