Great White Shark Attacking Cage Caught on Video

Quote: This male white shark was feeling a little more than curious about our cages as he decided to take a bite out of the umbilical line supporting our submersible 4 person cage. I was operating the submersible 2 person cage and was in the process offering some advice to a new cage operator when this shark followed us to the surface. The shark approached the 4 person cage and decided to come back around for a bite. The umbilical is supported by a thick steel cable which the shark had caught in its mouth. I ran over to the single person cage to see if there was anything I could do to help free the shark and to make sure our divers didn’t have any limbs dangling outside the cage. After seeing the umbilical cut and only 2 divers pop up I quickly got them out of the cage thinking there were still 2 divers below, but the other two had already exited the cage before the shark bit the line…Neither the shark nor any divers were harmed.



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