Fisherman Captures Great White Shark

You can see the video of the shark capture in our Video Section ( White Shark caught by Anglers in California )


By Vikki Vargas and Lori Bentley, NBC LA
Aug 30, 2011

“I was nervous, excited,” fisherman Michael Castillo said.  “I didn’t know what was at the end of the hook.”

On August 22, Castillo was fishing in Huntington Beach, when he saw his float go down.  What happened next was captured on video and posted on YouTube.  Part of the forty minute struggle shows three other fishermen helping Castillo to reel in what they thought was a mako shark, an unprotected species.

Castillo says a Fish and Game officer had to consult a book to determine what kind of shark he had hooked.  He says even the officer thought it was a mako shark, at least at first.

The officer took two of the shark teeth, and five hours later Castillo got another call.  He was ordered to give the fish to authorities, who determined it was a great white shark, which is a protected species.

“Did I know it was a great white?  No I did not,” said Castillo, who was not issued a citation for the catch.

Fish and Game officials are still collecting evidence and plan to submit a report to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.  It will be up to the DA to decide whether or not to file charges.

Source and Photo: NBC Los Angeles




  1. Clarke Fullerton

    If you don’t know what you’ve caught,throw it back.Simple.

  2. Jack Trevally

    I always thought that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Is ignorance of the species of fish a viable excuse, when you are talking about endangered animals? White sharks are protected, and not issuing a citation sends the wrong message.

    These guys used flying gaffs to haul in this shark, obviously a white shark, not a mako. Get a clue.

  3. Clarke Fullerton

    I agree a citation should’ve been given.The footage of how the shark was caught and then how it was treated was disgusting.The amazing thing was how nobody seemed to challenge these people over what they were doing.Tighter laws and better education is what is needed.

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