Edisto Shark Tournament 2011

Edisto, South Carolina.

On June 11, Hunter Sutcliff (age 14) of Orangeburg won first place in the Inaugural EWT Thirsty Fish Shark Tournament by catching a 470-pound great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran).                                                   The specimen was measured to be 10 feet and 4 inches long.

Result of the Tournament:

1st Place :

Catch: Great hammerhead, 470 lbs.

Angler: Hunter Sutcliff.

Captain: Scott Hiott .

Prize: $2,050

2nd Place:

Catch: Tiger shark, 220 lbs.

Angler: Barry Fontaine.

Captain: Jeremy Parsons (Bullfrog Charters).

Prize: $630

3rd Place:

Catch: Tiger shark, 186 lbs.

Angler: David Shaw.

Prize: $420


SOURCE: southcarolinasportsman.com

Photo: Nicole Culle

















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