Costa Rican fishermen kill 2,000 sharks in Colombia

Colombia condemns shark hunting in Colombian Pacific


By Alice Boyd, Colombia Reports,
14. October 2011

Colombia’s presidential advisor for biodiversity has condemned the killing of around 2,000 sharks in Colombian waters by Costa Rican fishermen.

The sharks were killed in the Colombian Pacific just off Malpelo island, which has been declared a sanctuary of flora and fauna on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The presidential advisor for Biodiversity, Sandra Bessudo, explained that Costa Rican boats were setting out with lines laid with over a thousand hooks for around ten days, after which their catch was reportedly around 200 or 300 animals.

The sharks were apparently left to die after crew members from the ships had cut off their fins.

According to a report by Caracol radio, the advisor for biodiversity said “these allegations have been brought forward by the foreign ministry so that communications can be made to the government of Costa Rica so that they can prevent these types of boats from killing sharks off Malepo.”

Bessudo claimed that the sharks were being caught for their fins which were being sold on Asian markets to make shark fin soup.

Source: Colombia Reports

Video (below) :, 13. October 2011



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