Pernambuco Brazil Shark Nets to protect Surfers

04 July 2011

According to an article in ‘Arca Universal‘, the government of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco has announced to install additional anti-shark nets.

This measure should protect surfers participating in a forthcoming championship.

The officials say that the 100 metres long protective shark net will cost about R$10.000 (ca. US$6400) and will be deployed approximately 200 metres offshore in the area of the surf competition.

In Pernambuco State, 54 shark attacks (including 19 fatalities) have occurred since 1992.

The series of shark incidents led to a strict surfing ban in a 20 km stretch between Pina Beach in

Recife and Paiva in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, but people have repeatedly ignored the ban.

On June 29th, the latest shark attack happened in Pina:

A 21-years old bodyboarder was severely bitten on his thigh and calf.




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