Bizarre-looking shark caught in Mexico


Pisces Fleet Sportfishing Blog, June 25. 2011 :

A few days ago I was in the office talking to some guys from La Paz, who had won a fishing trip from Pisces after taking first place in the Asupesca Speafishing Tournament held in La Paz in April. In a casual conversation one of the anglers mentioned a strange shark that he had seen in La Paz. He whipped his camera out and showed me a photo of a very weird, almost unbelievable animal. He told me that a commercial fisheman had caught it. That said, we set off  on the hunt for more information.  Apparently this is a bull shark fetus. The mother who must have been a pretty large creature herself, when cut open, had this strange baby inside of her. So far the fisherman has not been willing to give it up for science but we were pleased to at least get these photos which we showed to a couple of scientists attending the dorado forum in Cabo yesterday. They said they had never seen anything like it and we will forward the images to a shark expert.


Photo is courtesy of Pisces Sportfishing

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