Atlantic Angel Sharks illegally caught in Mississippi

Marine Patrol Seizes Two Sharks and 4,000 Pounds of Shrimp in Federal Waters

News Release by the
Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR)

14. September 2011


BILOXI, Miss. – The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources’ (MDMR) Marine Patrol was

patrolling in federal waters under the Joint Enforcement Agreement (JEA) on Wednesday, Sept. 14 2011.

Marine Patrol Officers Dwayne Armes, John Grimsley and Leo De George boarded the shrimp vessel

Sally Kim IV to check for permits and proper usage of Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs). Once on board,

the officers found that the vessel had no permit for shrimping in federal waters and were in

possession of approximately 4,000 pounds of shrimp and two Atlantic Angel sharks, which are a prohibited species.

The vessel was escorted back to safe harbor by Marine Patrol Officer Brian Wallace who was serving

as captain for the day patrol. The case will be transferred to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administration (NOAA) for judgment.

On Aug. 1, 2001, the MDMR entered into the JEA with the U.S. Department of Commerce NOAA to

provide law enforcement of federal regulations in both state and federal waters.

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources is dedicated to enhancing, protecting and

conserving marine interests of the state by managing all marine life, public trust wetlands, adjacent

uplands and waterfront areas to provide for the optimal commercial, recreational, educational and

economic uses of these resources consistent with environmental concerns and social changes.

Source and Photo Credit: The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR)



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