An uShaka Marine World worker bitten by a shark at the aquarium this morning

Shark bite victim ‘doing well’

28 October 2011 – 16:28
By Hannah Keal

An uShaka Marine World worker, who was bitten by a shark at the aquarium this morning, is doing well in hospital.

Ushaka CEO Dr Mark Penning says they were doing a routine procedure on one of their Ragged Tooth sharks, when one of the divers was bitten on his arm.

“Luckily he’s a tough guy. He’s in hospital, and he’s being very well looked after. He was more worried about not being able to go to the cricket today then what the shark did.”

Penning says while they’ve got systems in place to look after the people who work with sharks, and other potentially dangerous animals, in rare cases things don’t work out according to plan.

“This is not an aggressive shark, it’s not a species of shark that will deliberately go out and hunt a diver, but the animal got scared and it lashed out, and unfortunately his arm was in the way at that time.”




  1. Anita Brilsey

    Did the guy loose his arm

  2. Path

    Really ? The guy wasn’t worry . I saw his injuries , he won’t be able to play cricket nor dive with sharks , his nerves,muscles and tendons were wrecked. The aquarium could not care less about making this a big deal . Money talks 

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