A new species of Mustelus (Family: Triakidae) from Indian EEZ.

Published in February 2011.

Cubelio, S.S., Remya R and Kurup, B.M.


A species of shark of the genus Mustelus belonging to the family Triakidae new to the science has been described. The new species was collected during the commercial trawling operation conducted along the continental slope of Indian EEZ. It is compared with its closely related species, M. henlei and M. mosis in terms of morphometrics, shape of dermal denticles, labial furrow and upper and lower teeth. New species agrees with M. henlei in the shape of dermal denticles and upper and lower teeth. These features links the new species to M. higmani, but have strong differences in various morphometric characters. Mustelus mangalorensis nov sp. also allied to M. mosis in terms of different morphometric characters, however shows strong differences in the length of upper labial furrow and in the shape of the teeth. Discovery of the new species of shark increases the number of species belonging of this family to 28 and also strengthens the rich ichthyofaunal biodiversity of Indian EEZ.

Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, Vol. 40(1)

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