6th annual Casco Bay Classic Sportfishing Tournament

Date: 18. – 20. August 2011

Location: Spring Point Marina, South Portland, Maine.

Tournament Result ( Shark Category ) :

1st Place:

Catch: Porbeagle shark – 400 pounds ( photo below ).

Angler: Nelson Goodwin.

Boat: Salt or Nothin, Capt. Richard Michaud.

Note: There is a video of this specimen in our Video Section (HERE).

2nd Place:

Catch: Thresher shark – 220 pounds.

Angler: Paul Reny.

Boat: Karen Anne, Capt. Wayne Tanguay.

3rd Place:

Vacant – Only 2 Sharks brought to the weigh-in station.

Source: Casco Bay Classic Sportfishing Tournament.


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