2nd Video – Shark Attack in South Africa 28 Sept 2011

StupendisVid / Youtube , 28.09.2011

Bathers were warned today of two sharks in the area, the sirens sounded, danger shark flags were raised & everybody got out of the water. However one guy, 34 years old I believe, went further down the beach to swim & was attacked at Clovelly Beach. He was stabilized but in a critical condition when airlifted.

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  1. Marizka

    I feel for the shark, but not for the dumb ass who got bitten by the shark. Now they want to kill the shark because of the dumb ass’s stupidity.

    Come on people it’s the sharks home. What will you do when you get an intruder in your house…..

  2. Lana

    These so called experts the ISAF says he had a better chance of being killed by a bee, lighting, even a rabbit bite. I guess the ISAF is full of it when it comes to people actually entering the water.

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