29 Nov 2011 – Dead Whale Shark in Philippines

Uploaded by armanjen16 on 18.12.2011:

A dead whale shark was found floating towards the shore in Brgy. Andulawan in Ilog town, on Nov. 29 2011. Fishermen in the area tried to drag it at the river in the hope of reviving the shark. PSInsp. Joshua Villasis, of Ilog Police Station said that the whale shark also known as Butanding is measured about 16 feet long, 6 feet in width and weighed more or less 1.8 tons.

This video shows a truck carrying a dead whale shark from Brgy. Andulauan, Gin papana-ug sa Banwa sang Ilog.

Links to other videos of this specimen:  2nd Video , 3rd Video




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