2011 Shark Scramble Tournament in Canada

Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada .

Date: 17. – 20. August 2011.

122 anglers participated in the tournament, 13 fishermen more than in the previous year.

A total of 39 sharks were landed: 37 blue sharks, 2 mako sharks (previous year: 42 sharks).

Here is a video (link) of the event.

Tournament Result:

1st Place:
Catch: 396-pounds blue shark.
Angler: Pat Hicks.
Boat: James & Wilbert, Capt. Mike Nickerson.

2nd Place:
Catch: 387-pounds blue shark.
Angler: Jamie Boudreau.
Boat: Matador.

3rd Place:
Catch: 376-pounds blue shark.
Angler: Sandy Pattens.
Boat: James & Wilbert, Capt. Mike Nickerson.

Source: ‘Nova News Now’. Photo and Video Credit: Carla Allen.


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