A new sawtail catshark from the Philippines

Published on
15 November 2022

Galeus friedrichi (Carcharhiniformes: Pentanchidae), a new sawtail catshark from the Philippines

Ebert, David A.; Jang, Jessica J.


A new species of sawtail catshark, Galeus friedrichi n. sp., is described from the Philippines. The new species is separable from other western Pacific Galeus species by the absence of saddle or blotch markings, a large size, >50 cm TL, 40 monospondylous vertebrae, and 83 precaudal vertebrae. All regional Galeus, other than Galeus sauteri, can be distinguished by having a marking pattern made up of a series of dark to light saddle or blotch patterns beneath the dorsal fins and on the caudal fin. Galeus sauteri can be separated from G. friedrichi n. sp. by its relatively small adult size, <50 cm TL, and fewer precaudal vertebrae (7376 vs. 83). The two other large regional species, G. longirostris and G. nipponensis are presently known only from Japan and Taiwan. The new species is the third Galeus species, after G. sauteri and G. schultzi, documented from the Philippines.

Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation, 39, 45–53. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7320085


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