MSC Certificate suspended for US Atlantic spiny dogfish fishery

MSC logo_dogfishMarine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification

Sustainable Fisheries Association Inc.

US Atlantic Spiny Dogfish Fishery


SAI Global wishes to notify stakeholders that the above fishery certificate will enter into Suspension according to MSC CR v1.3 clause on the 19th February 2015.

Suspension has been enacted in order for the fishery to prepare a corrective action plan to address the causes of behind target conditions as recorded in the 2nd Surveillance Audit Report February 2015.

On publication of the 2nd surveillance audit, the client fishery volunteers that suspension is appropriate in order to undertake a re-evaluation of the original client action plan content and affirm support from the fishery management agencies for achieving milestones for continued MSC Certification.

In accordance with CR V1.3 the Client is required to provide a documented corrective action plan for addressing the cause of suspension, which is acceptable to the CAB as being able to address the cause(s) for suspension, within ninety days from the date of suspension.

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