Florida: Notice issued for possession and attempted sale of sawfish rostrum

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ( FWC )
Division of Law Enforcement

Weekly Report
April 3, 2015 thru April 9, 2015



Lieutenant Harp, Officers Ornold, Harris, Alford, Ariza, Investigators Rubio, Bingham and NMFS OLE Special Agent Maguire responded to an address in Ft. Lauderdale.
The response regarded a report of a subject in possession of a Sawfish Rostrum.

68B-44.008 Prohibited Species; Prohibition of Harvest, Landing, and Sale.
(1) No person shall harvest, possess, land, purchase, sell, or exchange any or any part of these species:
(aa) Largetooth sawfish (Pristis pristis).
(bb) Smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata).

It is reported the subject in possession of the rostrum was identified and negotiated the sale of the rostrum for $1,200 US currency. Subsequently, the subject was issued a Notice to Appear for the above violation. The sawfish rostrum was seized and placed in an approved FWC Evidence Facility.


Source: FWC


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