Florida fisherman cited for illegal method of taking a mako shark

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ( FWC )
Division of Law Enforcement

Weekly Report
April 3, 2015 thru April 9, 2015



Officer Brady received information concerning a Mako shark that had been illegally harvested by harpooning and the act was posted on Facebook. Officer Brady found the vessel and escorted it to the dock where Officer T. Basford met him to assist with the case. Investigator Thomas was contacted concerning having the Facebook video downloaded for evidence. The shark was identified as a short finned Mako that had been harvested in state waters. The fish was photographed, weighed (507 pounds) and placed on bid. The violator, who said he was commercial fishing, was cited for illegal method of take and improper federal permit. The harpoon was seized, the shark sold to a local wholesale market and the proceeds of the sale placed in an escrow account.


Source: FWC


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