Member of WA Liberals Suggests to Reinstate Commercial Shark Fishing on Trial Basis

By Hon Phil Edman
Member of the Western Australian Legislative Council for
South Metropolitan Region

Published in the South Metro Scoop March 2014



Phil Edman — 4 April 2014

I met recently with Hon Ken Baston, the Minister for Fisheries, as well as several personnel from the Western Australian Rock Lobster Fishers’ Federation, the Western Rock Lobster Council, the Rock Lobster Industry Advisory Committee and the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council. The history of wet lining was discussed with us because I was not familiar with it, as well as shark fishing. I learnt that back in 2007 the Labor Minister for Fisheries at the time, Hon Jon Ford, announced the closure of commercial line and gillnet fishing in the metropolitan fishing zone between Lancelin and south of Mandurah.

It was the opinion of those fishermen with whom I met, that commercial shark and wet line fishing licences should be reinstated. They implied that this would reduce the number of sharks, and that those caught could be sold for consumption. I learnt that bronzies are actually bronze whalers, or whalers, and are quite good to eat.

I dine out regularly and am disappointed that there is such a small number of fresh, locally caught fish on the menu these days. It seems that it is mostly imported fishes that are the main types available in our restaurants. Re-instating Wet Lining and Commercial Shark Fishing licenses, could provide fish for those in the community who can not or do not wish to catch their own fish. My suggestion is that with the exception of gillnet fishing, commercial shark fishing and wet lining should be reinstated on a trial basis, perhaps seasonally.

This would provide fresh, locally caught fish for consumption by Western Australians, assist with job creation and reduce the number of sharks.

Source: Liberal Party of Australia.

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