Shark Shield to protect Reunion Island surfers from shark attacks

shark shieldPress Release

Shark Shield

02. October 2013


Shark Shield, the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrent, is announcing a “Surf Any Break Without Intimidation” program for Reunion Island Surfers to get them back in the water safely.

Since 2011, the International Shark Attack File reports there have been 12 shark attacks in Reunion Island, five of which were deadly. Faced with the increase in deadly attacks, the prefect of the island announced a slew of measures in July, including banning swimming, surfing and body boarding off more than half of the coast; they also plan to cull 90 sharks—45 tiger sharks and 45 bull sharks.

Now that the ban on surfing in Reunion Island has expired, Shark Shield is offering to sponsor Reunion Island surfers to get back in the water safely with its “Surf Any Break Without Intimidation” promotion. The company is offering Reunion Island surfers a Shark Shield SURF7 for a once off price of US$399 (normally $599). The offer is only valid during the month of October, and the offer is only available to the first 300 surfers.

Lindsay Lyon, Chairman and keen surfer stated, “I can’t believe that we’d ever get to a point where a government would ban surfing, let alone decide to cull a species that across the board is endangered. There is a solution and we’re offing it now.”

According to Sea Shepherd, 100 million sharks are killed each year by sport fishermen or by those who practice shark finning, which consists of catching the fish and slicing off their fins while they are still alive.

The company’s electronic shark deterrent is the result of more than 20 years of scientific research by some of the world’s leading experts in sharks including the KwaZulu-Natal Shark Board of South Africa.

In 2012, Australian scientists independently tested Shark Shield devices off the coast of South Africa using towed seal decoys (SARDI Research), a test that closely resembles a shark attacking a moving surfboard. With the Shark Shield turned off, there were 16 breaches and 27 surface interactions. With the Shark Shield turned on, there were no breaches and only two at-surface interactions, unequivocally proving the efficacy of the Shark Shield deterrent solution.

Mr Lyon says the deterrent works on the principle that all chondrichthyes — sharks, rays, skates and chimeras — possess ampulla receptors in their snouts that are used to find food, communicate and find a mate.

These receptors are tuned to low-frequency fields and only operate when in close proximity with food — or a surfer. Mr Lyon also stated that “Electronic shark deterrents do not attract sharks, this is a complete myth. The ampulla receptors maximum sensing distance is well under a meter, and as electrical currents between two localised electrodes simply cannot travel any distance through water, it’s an impossibility that would defy the laws of physics and biology.”

“Mounted on the rear of the board with your grip pad, the Shark Shield emits an electromagnetic field between two electrodes that disturbs these receptors with what has been described as a lightning fast pain of whale-like proportions,” says Mr Lyon. Extra SURF7 mounting plates are also available, so it’s very easy to move the SURF7 between your quiver of boards.

Mr Lyon states there are no known long-term adverse effects to the shark from the electrical field but the discomfort is enough for it to deter a shark from approaching a surfer or diver.

Reunion Island surfers can only order the US$399 Shark Shield SURF7 from Shark Shield’s online store using the promotion coupon code “SURF-REUNION”. The company accepts all major credit cards but for international transactions recommends PayPal for easy payment. Clearly at this price you’re going to have to be quick!

Photo: Lindsay Lyon ( Chairman, Shark Shield )

Source and Photo Credit: Shark Shield




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  1. Hohum another crackpot idea…more chance of a coconut falling on your head isnt there? Why bother? We only had 2 fatals around the world in 2014′ George Burgess at ISAF claims.

    Sharks are endangered, everyone knows that. So why bother? We’re safe right? So why all the ‘shark’ trinkets now? It makes no sense..

    Reunion Is ‘marine park’ or ‘shark park’ est 94′, is a precedent for our ‘marine parks’ est 2000′ here in Australia. We’ve had 4 dead in 153 days here since Sept 9th 2014′ Thats one every 38.5 days.

    The protection of the Great White Shark has everything to do with it also. A perfect storm for shark attack on humans now. Bye bye surfing…gone by 2020-2030 at best. Well done all those that got sucked into the ‘overfishing’ BS thats resulted in at least 30 fatal attacks in ‘marine parks’ globally. Look it up..

    The donators of these alleged ‘shark parks’ (thats you PEW) should buy one of these gadgets for every surfer in their ‘marine parks’ around the globe. And then compensate all the victims families for their weak science that led to their loved ones dying awfully.

    Pew has just bought, Palau, Madagascar, Fiji and more…huge grants for ‘shark parks’ that are not even necessary. Govts sold out their own people. Same in Australia..whats one shark attack a year they say?

    Australia had 6 fatals in 2014′ So whats wrong with Burgess’s brain? Is he on crack?

    Its all about Fining and Mining people..

    You back lickin it in Washington Christopher Neff? Anti-human oil lobbyist…sick man.

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