Shark Repelling Wetsuit


Veronica Grey, aka “The Surf Lady”

Show Sharks who’s Boz!

Google the words “shark proof wetsuit” or “shark repelling wetsuit” or “shark safe wetsuit” and you will see tons of web pages suggesting how great it would be if only someone would invent one, based on scientific studies of how sharks respond to colors and patterns. Numerous scientists talk about it, but no one has brought it to market or patented the idea, until now.

The first time “Surf Lady” Veronica Grey went on TV advocating dressing with shark avoidance in mind was on October 31, 2011, the anniversary of the Bethany Hamilton tiger shark tragedy. Ever since that first TV appearance, Surf Lady is a constant staunch public proponent of people wearing a black and white zebra print in the water to repel sharks because sharks have evolutionarily developed over 15 million years to avoid anything that resembles their lethal enemy, the deadly poisonous banded sea snake. As the ocean’s apex predator, sharks don’t fear much. However, the venom of the banded sea snake will kill within seconds and sharks could not have evolved without developing a hard wired mechanism to avoid creatures with that look.

Surf Lady Veronica Grey shark safety presentations are on numerous websites like WTNH, KCAL 9 Los Angeles, WTVR, and KATU just to name a few.

Google again to research sharks and banded sea snakes which reveals many scientists and even National Geographic documenting their relational behavior, but it is Jacques Cousteau’s studies that influenced The Surf Lady to become a trusted authority on shark safety. She founded

with a tentpole guidebook

“Swim WithOUT Sharks ~

The REAL Surfer’s Paradise:

Guide to shark attack-free Destinations of the World.”

After numerous TV appearances, Surf Lady Veronica Grey is now partnered with world class Boz wetsuits to bring you the patent pending FIRST EVER and ONLY (non-electronic) wetsuit that is specifically designed to increase your chances of avoiding a shark. She invented it and Boz wetsuits fulfills it. Now you can show the shark who’s Boz!

Other companies have invented products like a zebra print decal for the bottom of your surfboard to thwart sharks. Our original concept takes it a step further with a patent pending tribal zebra print banded sea snake reminiscent design to wetsuits and other surf apparel like rash guards, booties, etc.

Can we 100% guarantee you won’t be bitten by a shark while wearing this suit? We can only liken it to wearing seat belts while driving or a helmet while snowboarding or using birth control – it is merely an enhancement that increases your chances of safety. Studies show that if you have been in the ocean, you have probably at some point been within 10 feet of a shark and never even knew it. Our shark deterring wetsuit intention is based on logic and scientific fact but we cannot take responsibility for the randomness of shark behavior. We can only go with probability and rationality. Everything is intention and ours is to prevent shark encounters; however, visit our site for our liability disclaimer.

The Shark Boz wetsuit for Surf Ladies and Surf Lads everywhere looks cooler anyway than your average suit with its hip tribal design; the fact that it may cause sharks to avoid you is almost just a bonus. Like ALL Boz high end wetsuits, the neoprene is 100% stretch, double lined with titanium, fully taped blind stitched with glued seams. Each and every wetsuit is custom made to order in Peru with the best materials from Japan. Only the best wear Boz because Boz is the best. Maybe now the safest too!



  1. Jack Trevally

    I for one certainly would not count on that to work. Good Luck. I seem to recall John Lydon of all people diving with sharks, and he wore a black and yellow striped wetsuit. He didn’t get eaten, but then again that does not prove a thing.

    • Mick

      From what I’ve read, a team of Perth scientists have been developing a new shark-repellent wetsuit for years which is due to soon be released (maybe she got the idea from those reports?). I personally will be waiting for the version backed by a more scientific approach.

  2. Yellow is known as yum yum yellow and this suit is black and white, NOT black and yellow.
    Whoever swims in black and yellow IS asking for it.
    Maybe the name Jack is short for Jackass?
    Do your research before hating on others’ correct work.

    • Jack Trevally

      I honestly hope it does work. I wasn’t trying to be a jackass or to start a war, chill out.

    • Jack Trevally

      Sea snakes occur in the tropical seas of the Indian and Pacific oceans. They are not found in the Atlantic. It seems reasonable, that if this suit is to work, it may not work in the Atlantic, where there would be no conditioning of sharks, as there are no sea snakes.

      In the Pacific ocean I would be concerned about surface ambush predators like Great White sharks. In this case, the shark would be looking up towards the surface, and sees only a silhouette. Stripes would be as meaningless as a logo on a wetsuit. As these sharks are sometimes known to move at speeds of up to 55kph and can propel themselves 5m out of the water in a breach, I would be hesitant to give 100% reliance upon a striped suit to make any difference. If however this does work, then great! Any lives saved would make the suit worthwhile.

      Just sayin’

      • Jack thank you for being so interested in this suit.
        To address your first point, watch ANY show during shark week on Discovery channel and they will tell you sharks have crazy migratory patterns. They show the maps of how far tagged sharks travel. NO WAY do they remain in one ocean. So even if sea snakes aren’t in some regions, you can bet they learned to avoid banded sea snakes in other areas. Sharks as a species could not have evolved without learning to avoid sea snakes, same as humans would not have evolved had we kept picking the same poisonous berries. To address your 2nd point about sharks and silhouettes, again, remember you questioning people who have spent weeks and weeks doing research and again, watch shows on Shark week and you will discover sharks have ridiculously keen eyesight – 20 times better than humans. The reason they charge after a silhouette is because so far there was nothing to distinguish a surfer from a seal and we HOPE these stripes will at least help! They are meant as a deterrent the same way as seat belts in a car may help but nothing is 100% sure in this world and we clearly state that in our liability disclaimer. Thank you Jack because your concerns give us an opportunity to clarify the non-electronic shark repellent further.

        • Jack Trevally

          I agree with you and your Shark Week shows that sharks have ‘crazy migratory patterns’. That much is not disputed. But I cannot recall ever hearing of a tagged shark migrating from the Atlanic to the Indo-Pacific, or vice versa. I have heard of a theory that Mediterranean Great White Sharks found their sea of residence due to a wrong turn, originating from somewhere around South African waters. Details are scant, as this is an unproven theory and is based on genetic evidence that still requires fleshing out.

          As far as Shark Week goes, I watch it regularly, but I also take what is said with a grain of salt. Many of the shows on Shark Week are quite sensational, and are clearly driven to produce results for advertisers, rather than being based on solid scientific evidence. This doesn’t keep me from watching the shows. I just question some of the information that is being delivered.

          Regarding specifics of the wetsuit, I would ask ‘can the stripes be seen from the bottom of the ocean at a depth of say 40 or 50 feet, when silhouetted against the sun? I doubt it. And what is more is do you actually look like a sea snake (with limbs?) or do you look like a seal with stripes? Personally, I won’t be wearing this suit to swim the Farallones or Seal Island SA anytime soon.

        • How exactly would a sea snake bite a great white shark? Their teeth are so far back in their mouth that they could never effectively bite a great white shark. Besides, a sea snake would never be considered prey for a great white shark, it’s way too small and a sea snake would never think of a great white as prey.

          I’ve been observing great white sharks for literally thousands of hours and can tell you that they are definitely not deterred by black and white colors.

          • Watching TV does not account for “observing” sharks for thousands of hours. What are your exact credentials? And did you actually observe sharks WITH sea snakes or just on their own? The first person who truly documented the relational behavior between sharks and sea snakes was Jacques Cousteau. That is where any real research begins – study his hours of logs and documentation.

            And then, here are a just three of a BUNCH of online links of other highly reputable scientists’ findings that lend credibility to our shark repellent wetsuit:

            Where is YOUR scientific data Martin? 

            Believe me when I say that we spent not thousands of hours, but weeks and months researching this topic and you will tire of askinq questions long before us. The team crazy enough to research each and every surf spot on the planet for shark activity (yes EVERY surf spot – mindboggling indeed) who brings the FREE service is glad to be of service.

            We have presented you with tons of scientific info. All you gave given so far is some lame claim to your personal, undocumented, unscientific, alleged observations.

          • The suit is meant to protect not just against great white sharks but any and all sharks. There are plenty of YouTube videos where a sea snake puts up a challenge to a smaller sized shark. The bull shark is the 2nd most dangerous and they are usually around 10 feet only. They are almost worse than great white sharks because they will test bite anything, even random tires; at least a great white mostly goes after (things that resemble) seals.

            Watching TV does not account for “observing” sharks for thousands of hours. What are your exact credentials? And did you actually observe sharks WITH sea snakes or just on their own? The first person who truly documented the relational behavior between sharks and sea snakes was Jacques Cousteau. That is where any real research begins – study his hours of logs and documentation.
            And then, here are a just three of a BUNCH of online links of other highly reputable scientists’ findings that lend credibility to our shark repellent wetsuit:
            Where is YOUR scientific data Martin? 
            Believe me when I say that we spent not thousands of hours, but weeks and months researching this topic and you will tire of askinq questions long before us. The team crazy enough to research each and every surf spot on the planet for shark activity (yes EVERY surf spot – mindboggling indeed) who brings the FREE service is glad to be of service.
            We have presented you with tons of scientific info. All you gave given so far is some lame claim to your personal, undocumented, unscientific, alleged observations.

          • Sorry Scenester, I couldn’t reply to your comment (no link) Actually, like I said, if you would know me, you would not accuse me of watching sharks on TV. I actually work with TV productions that make shark movies. (Disney’s Oceans, BBC., Island of the Great White Shark, Discovery Channel, Nat. Geo etc.)
            I also work with the scientists at Isla Guadalupe as well as MCSI.
            Why do you need to attack me personally? Do I attack you? If you disagree, you disagree, why make it personal? How scientific is that?

          • Your final post in this section you name a bunch of shows you supposedly work on. Anyone legitimate will be in the credits which will be on IMDB. If you can’t produce even one link to show you know of what you speak well then YOU my friend, are the scenester 😉 Gosh anyone can go online and rattle off an impressive resume with no back up.

          • Scenester
            Again, you attack me. Who are you? You spend a lot of time on TV, when do you have time to go out and watch the sharks?
            check out,,, or google “Martin Graf sharks” and you get lot’s of links to what I do.

            So now, what do you have to say to what I say, other than attack me?

        • Bitchnotliker

          So obviously your either the chick who made these ridiculously unverifiable claims, or you know her. Either way, your apprehensive rant has hurt the publicity.

  3. Angel

    I have to agree with Jack in his points here. Scenester, I truly hope this works but you answer relies on so many assumptions and what we think of sharks and theories not facts. We think they mistake us with seals. It is just one of many theories not a fact.
    The eyesight of 20 times more than us may apply for some species but where they hunt the water does not have good visibility to any animal. That is why they are called the ambush predators. If they see us clearly as you indicated and still attack, this may not be called mistaken identity but a direct attacking behavior. Then your theory becomes invalid.
    Are sharks run away from sea snakes ? That is a good question. I have never seen a sea snake chasing basically anything, in water. They normally run away from anything themselves.including humans. The shallows and reefs where the snakes are mostly seen are nothing close to where big sharks that are dangerous to humans live. Personally I even doubt a reef shark would avoid a snake in any sense. The snakes may not be on some sharks menu of an easy meal but humans lie on the same menu but they still may bite us.
    In a shark dive this sea snake shapes will not make me feel safer to any sense.
    The incidents are so rare that , it is impossible to have an outcome indicating someone did not have an interaction because of the suit. 
    Anyway, I hope that you are right and it may help saving people from interactions.

  4. Why would you surf or dive by the Farallone Islands in anything but a metal cage? As stated earlier, it is merely a deterrent against test bites which happens when sharks ARE close enough to see you and still “unsure” of whether you are food or not. THIS is how ALL other sharks hunt.
    The ONLY shark that does that swim from 40 or 50 feet below and propel up to the surface is the great white shark and we are not claiming this suit will protect you from that behavior which great white sharks do to knock their prey unconscious first and separate them from the herd. This shark repellent wetsuit is designed to deter from test bites when a shark is close enough to see you, ie a bull or tiger shark and there are way more bull or tiger shark attacks than any other kind. But who knows, this may repel a great white shark as well if they happen to be swimming by and not doing that breach behavior. When you get in your car ultimately the choice is yours if you wanna wear a seatbelt. That is how we feel about this suit. But no one tells you where to drive and neither do we. 
    Thank you Jack for expressing doubts these same questions may arise in the mind of a client and each time you post it just gives yet another opportunity to reveal how truly well researched we are and confident in our product. There isn’t a concern you could mention that we can’t refute so BRING IT. If you are simply one of those bloggers who needs to have the last word then write a non-doubtful comment that we will allow to stand regarding our patent pending invention because we are passionate enough to keep responding and making sure the interested public gets the full picture each time you say something to try and cast doubt on it. This is our baby and we are prepared to defend it long after you tire out. Perhaps if you had something in your life you invented you would promote and manage that rather than expend your energy trying to tear down something useful and possibly life saving we have built. It’s folks like you who have nothing better to so that give us the opportunity to show what we are made of so THANK YOU.

    • Jack Trevally

      Wow, you can surf in a metal cage? Dang, you ARE good! Sorry, just had to have a little fun with that line!

      • Bitchnotliker

        So obviously your either the chick who made these ridiculously unverifiable claims, or you know her. Either way, your apprehensive rant has hurt the publicity. Everything you’ve said here’s something an idiot would say “oh, look at these links to scientists vaguely supporting one aspect of what I’ve said in an obscure matter and you’ll see that I’m smarter than you and everyone’s stupid.” Then at the end you try to go.  Back to being cordial by saying something smug and moronic lie “thanks for giving us the chance to show you what were made of” you’ve shown me that you know absolutely nothing about sharks and that your a petty bitch who needs to just go out and test these repeatedly until a shark eats you.

  5. Angel

    Scenester, thank you for the answer.
    There is no need to be angry to answer questions or comments. No one has to follow your assumptions or take everything you say as granted.
    It is not a good way to communicate with potential users or consumers. It is natural to have opposing questions and comments here. It has to make sense to people. Something that makes sense to you may not make any sense to others. Especially when it comes to sharks when everyone claims they reached “Nirvana”.
    As Jack and I both indicated that we hope it works. Everyone is trying to find out solutions to human-shark interactions. A working device or suit will be a real heaven for everyone. All we try to do is to make sure if it works.
    I hope and wish time will prove you right for the sake of the humans and the sharks.
    I am sorry but as an avid shark diver, I am personally no where close to being satisfied by your explanations. If it makes you angry or disturbed, so be it.
    Good luck with your product.

  6. Angel any licensed psychologist will tell you that when someone makes a comment, it is a reflection on their state of mind, not a reflection on what they are commenting on. Some people will never be satisfied no matter how great a product is. Dissatisfaction is a reflection of who you are – not a reflection of what we present to the world. People are intelligent enough to decide for themselves. A reputed ABC anchor chose to post an interview regarding this suit on her PERSONAL YouTube. She is only doing so because it IS well researched and you don’t get on ABC News unless that is so
    Thank you Angel and we hope you don’t go through life generally dissatisfied.

    • Is that a reputed anchor or a reputable anchor? People are intelligent enough to decide for themselves? Maybe if you give them correct information, otherwise, how would they know? You can get on just about any news program, as long as you have something that will give them ratings.

      • This is a funny question. An ABC news anchor with a thriving career. Her YouTube is RosaFloresTV. If you search online “Surf Lady Veronica Grey” and “Sharks” you will find appearances on at least 4 other news sites like WTVR, KATU, WTNH, and the 2nd highest rated news in the country, CBS LA.

        • You obviously didn’t understand what I was saying. YOU stated it was a REPUTED anchor, not a reputable anchor. (I don’t have a problem with the anchor, I have a problem with the so called expert)

          There are a lot of people who are very good a self promoting and that doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they are talking about.

  7. Angel

    Please read your comment and see how much of aggression you put in writing. I am not an expert on psychologists, you look like you know better. But I know to discuss the product and the benefits not involving personality issues. So discuss the problem not people kind of approach always seems to have better results.
    Also I forgot to add in my last comment the detail about the seatbelt. I understand your point of marketing on setting up seatbelt as an example but it is not that easy. Seatbelts have a proven record to save human life millions of times by observation and trial not on theory. It is mandatory for every manufacturer and depending on the country seatbelts statistically will save your life in a fatal car accident by %9 to %21. When you have such a proven record by trial on even thousands not millions, I may have a better understanding. Before that it is a lot of theories and a crowd of words.
    I am happy that you will be on ABC. It may help you to reach more crowds and explain yourself better.
    Thank you for your time

  8. Angel-  I have already been on ABC and every other network.
    Not “will be.”
    Am on.
    31 TV appearances in 15 months to be exact.
    So there’s my proven track record.
    And it will keep going.

    • Jack Trevally

      This is my last comment on this subject. You have succeeded in “tiring me out”. Since you have brought up the subject of psychology, I would like to suggest that perhaps this wetsuit isn’t so much about sharks as it is about ego and pride in having a “patent-pending” invention. Congratulations on getting on television so many times. It must make you feel good. I would like to know, however, how you would feel if, just if you were mistaken. What if this wetsuit only provides a false sense of security. What if someone gets mauled, while wearing the wetsuit. What would your comments to the press be? Just curious. Good luck to you and all those who wear this suit. I wish you all the very best.

    • Oh yeah, being on TV certainly gives you credibility. Isn’t TV the medium that portrays sharks as mindless killers also?

      • Shark week is on the Discovery channel; National Geographic is hardly sensational. TV as a medium may have its issues but nothing compared to the Internet which allows naysayers like you who have nothing better to do than to be destructive because for some sad reason you don’t have a creative outlet in your life. People with creative outlets are much too busy to spend time trying (and failing) to cast doubt on others. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend my Sunday afternoon on a topic so near and dear to me.

        • Nat Geo is hardly sensational? You should have been at Guadalupe when they had the girl in a mermaid costume swim with a great white shark. I guess that was purely scientific.

          And now you are attacking me personally. You know nothing about me, but you characterize me as someone who has nothing better to do than being destructive. I have plenty of creative outlets in my life and if you’d know me, you would know that. What topic is near and dear to you? Criticizing me?

          Sharks are near and dear to me and I spend my personal and professional life protecting them.

  9. Hey Jack
    What if you cross the street and get hit by a car?
    We will never know though cause you claim this is your last post but
    what if you are not a man of your word?
    Do you think the inventor of the seatbelt was concerned that the safety device might influence more people to drive?
    This invention is not about ego. IF YOU SURFED YOU WOULD KNOW THAT. There is a spirit in surfing that is not inherent in any sport, not even in diving. Sorry.
    In all honesty, this is for people who already surf in places like South Africa and Australia and California who love it so much that they take their chances with sharks. The sharks’ presence is not a determining factor on whether or not they surf. They WILL surf anyway. So we just wanted to give them a safety option that COULD make it safer for them. But sure if this wetsuit will influence some people who were afraid of sharks to go ahead and try surfing, wow that would be awesome because it would change their life in ways ANY surfer can’t shut up about. That is why I will never tire from talking about this.

  10. Jack Trevally

    Scenester, I know that I said I would be quiet but I am still subscribed to this topic. I received an inbox full of emails today (16 to be precise) on this subject. So I read your comments and the comments of Martin Graf, and checked out some of the links that were provided. I must say, Mr. Graf makes a lot of sense. I tend to agree with what he says.

    I looked at the “shark free” Sydney surf sites as well and I have to say that unless you are surfing a lake that you are just dead wrong. There will be sharks in the ocean. It is THE OCEAN for crying out loud. Why would these particular sites be free from sharks? It is ridiculous. Moreover, if there are such places, than why do you need your “shark repelling” wetsuit?

    As for Jacques Cousteau, sea snakes and sharks, you need to realize that although the world owes Cousteau a debt of gratitude, although he was genius, and although he knew a lot about the sea, he was NOT a scientist per se. He was a mariner, an inventor and a filmmaker and a brilliant one at that. He certainly worked with many scientists and knew a lot about the sea, but that is different from being a scientist. The development of the scuba regulator was a collaborative effort between himself and Emile Gagnan. I am not trying to take anything away from Jacques Cousteau here. I have the utmost respect for the man and his formidable achievements, but I recognize the limitations of his work as well.

    And once again I must ask you why this wetsuit would do any good at all in a region of the world that doesn’t have sea snakes, even if it was to somehow work in the tropical Indo-Pacific? I don’t see that there would be any sea snake conditioning of sharks whatsoever in the Atlantic ocean, the Mediterranean, etc. I am very curious as to why a pelagic species, a mako for example, in the Atlantic would even care about sea snakes or even recognize them as a threat?

    I agree with Mr Graf, that it makes no sense for you to attack personally the people who challenge your ideas. It is your IDEAS that are being challenged. Not you personally, so stop being so insulting and answer the questions that you are asked if you can. If you don’t have an answer you should admit it and move on until you have evidence.

    Also being on television is not in and of itself a credential of any kind. All it means is that you were on television. Many people get on T.V. and it doesn’t make what they say true. You can be mistaken or joking or even be a liar and still get on television. It makes no sense to say that your ideas are correct because they have been on T.V.

    I hope you didn’t invest your life savings in this idea, but that might explain your tenaciousness.

    You need to let this idea go. I would hate to tune in to Shark Year Magazine and hear of some poor surfer who lost his/her leg or life to a shark simply because they heard a wetsuit was adequate protection against the worlds oldest predator (and by the way the number is 400 million years, not the 15 million years that you quote on television.)

    • Well said Jack! If we want to have a scientific discussion, we need to focus on the issues and what is being said instead of who’s saying it. I’ve been involved with sharks, mostly great whites at this point, for 11 years and I like to say that the easiest way to know someone is NOT a shark expert, is when he/she tells you that he/she is. The more I know about these creatures, the more questions I have.

      Another question to Scenester would be. Why do sharks swim with pilot fish if the are repelled by black and white stripes?

      • Jack Trevally

        That is a good question Martin. They must not be too afraid of stripes.

        Scenester, perhaps you were trying to suggest that sea snakes evolved 15 million years ago. Perhaps they did, but I can only find evidence of their evolution around 10 million years ago. Maybe I am not looking hard enough or in the right places. Would you care to correct me on this? If you have the answer please provide a link.

        • Jack you are not a man of your word so I will no longer even respond to someone like you who isn’t worth it.

          • Scenester how about answering my questions. You were talking about providing links with TONS of scientific evidence, but all those links showed is people talking about testing and not scientific results.

            You said that all I did was giving “some lame claim to your personal, undocumented, unscientific, alleged observations”. I have given you my “credentials” All my observations are first hand and not from a book or TV show. I never claimed to be a scientist, but I give the scientists my observation and they use them in their research. You are welcome to contact MCSI in fallbrook, Dr. Nicole Nasby-Lucas or Dr. Michael Domeier and ask them about my contributions.
            So now, what do you have to say about what I’m saying? Other than attacking me, you have not responded to what I said. I’d love to hear your side.

          • Jack Trevally

            You can count on my word that I will never believe that a wetsuit is adequate protection against shark bite. No matter what color it is or how many stripes it has on it. Your wetsuit might have stripes, but they don’t look anything at all like a sea snake anyway. They look like a fashion statement, which should be the way you market the wetsuit. If you drop the “shark repellant” claim, I might actually support your cause, because it isn’t a bad looking suit. I just cannot believe it will help surfers, divers, swimmers or anybody else who works, plays or otherwise spends time in the sea, to avoid shark bites. I mean come on, if this really worked, don’t you think the Navy would be using these techniques? They have been working on the problem of shark bite prevention at least since WWII, maybe earlier.

            Good luck.

  11. I have responded to your claims, believe me, as this invention is my baby so yes i am a protective mama.
    But i don’t run Shark Year magazine and for some odd reason, some of my responses with qualifying links don’t get approved which hardly makes for fair discourse.

    • Your word was you wouldnt speak again. But you broke your word and any man who does that has no credibility.

    • Man, I must have missed those responses, unless you mean your responding by attacking me personally.

      The only claim I have made is that black and white does not repel sharks and that claim is based on my observation. The other thing I said is that I doubt that any sharks that are considered dangerous to surfers would hardly be deterred by a sea snake, since those snakes don’t have the ability to actually bite a shark. You have not responded to either one of those observations.

      If you are protective of your baby, maybe you should be open to observations of others and maybe you can improve your design.

    • I have been posting a bunch of links to other well researched sites but for some reason Shark Year hasnt approved them. Google “shark repelling decal” and shark camo and you will see SO many different scientists backing up our claims.
      Good night – all I can say is I do respond and I am perturbed that the fairness of the discourse is becoming slanted to where my responses are not being approved which allows people to cast doubt on our well researched product. If this censorship continues we may have to get a court order to have this topic removed because if we can not adequately provide links and facts and proofs then the post has deteriorated to something bordering on slander for which we will have grounds for legal complaint. You will notice I always welcomed your doubts because it provided me with the forum to clarify our shark proof wetsuit but once our polite non inflammatory
      responses merely providing links were somehow omitted,
      this is no longer cool
      and unfairly
      skewing what could be perfectly fair, informative and intelligent,
      albeit sometimes heated, discourse.

    • Jack Trevally

      So now you are attacking Shark Year Magazine? Really??

      Goodness gracious! All that is being asked is that you supply some evidence of your claims.

      My credibility is not at stake here. Yours is. You make the fanciful claim that striped neoprene will ward off sharks. It is up to you to back up your claim with evidence. Not mine. In fact all I am doing is questioning your nonsensical idea. Have you ever even seen a sea snake? Even in an aquarium? They look nothing like your suit.

      • hey Jack, in many of my previous posts i too was able to successfully provide links. this aint my first rodeo
        i don’t know why all of a sudden if won’t let me.
        Seriously though
        google Shark camo
        and Shark repelling decal

    • i am not attacking Shark Year but i AM saying that my responses to your questions where i share links to more scientific research have not been approved and this is the truth so help me God.

      • It’s strange that your links get “banned” but your personal attacks are not. You say you have provided links that didn’t post.

        How about a simple answer? Which sharks that are considered dangerous to surfers are afraid of sea snakes?

        Did you do a study, similar to the one Dr. Klimley did, where you exposed sharks to various patterns and observed a different response to your pattern? (Klimley did it with shapes, not patterns)

    • Jack Trevally

      Hey scenester, my link posted. I think your links don’t post due to operator error. You might try right clicking on the link, choosing copy, and then pasting the link into your browser window. Anyway, it worked for me. Good night.

  12. I have been posting a bunch of links to other well researched sites but for some reason Shark Year hasnt approved them. Google “shark repelling decal” and shark camo and you will see SO many different scientists backing up our claims.
    Good night – all I can say is I do respond and I am perturbed that the fairness of the discourse is becoming slanted to where my responses are not being approved which allows people to cast doubt on our well researched product. If this censorship continues we may have to get a court order to have this topic removed because if we can not adequately provide links and facts and proofs then the post has deteriorated to something bordering on slander for which we will have grounds for legal complaint. You will notice I always welcomed your doubts because it provided me with the forum to clarify our shark proof wetsuit but once our polite non inflammatory
    responses merely providing links were somehow omitted,
    this is no longer cool
    and unfairly
    skewing what could be perfectly fair, informative and intelligent,
    albeit sometimes heated, discourse.

    • OK, I did google both shark repelling decal and shark camo. The links that came up are either for sites selling it or talking about it, no scientific testing. Could you try again to post those links?

  13. Jack Trevally

    Court order?

    You just said : “You will notice I always welcomed your doubts because it provided me with the forum to clarify our shark proof wetsuit . . . . ”

    You never clarified anything. That is what we are asking you to do. What judge would back you up? Give me a break.

  14. i have not posted many links on here so if you scroll through my answers, two of the links DO provide studies that back up our shark deterring wetsuit – the links at ABCnet and GoldenDolphin. Really it is annoying having to repeat myself because the information is all there -repeatedly so. i posted those links twice so stop saying that i never showed scientific proof or i will just copy and paste my answers like they do in kindergarted when having to repeat something for children. And finally the wersuit is designed for ALL sharks but because you keep pressing for a clarification, here are the ones we bear most in mind

    • OK, I’m trying to ignore the insults (kindergarten) and just respond to the substance. You ridicule my observations as unscientific etc. but in the links you posted, ABC talks about scientists developing a suit the HOPE will deter sharks and nothing specific about your suit and the goldendolphin link shows a guy in a much different suit, talking about his experience. How is this scientific evidence?

      And to your link regarding the 10 deadliest sharks. Since there are around 10 deadly shark encounters world wide each year I think a suit that talks about deterring sharks should deter the ones most likely to cause harm to humans. Of those I can’t see one that would be deterred by a sea snake. OK, that’s just my opinion and that’s why I ask about tests being done to see, side by side if there is a difference in shark behavior around.

      So far all I have gotten is not scientific. You can’t have it both ways, using methods that are not scientific while accusing me of not being scientific. Just to say it again. I’m NOT a scientist, but scientists use my observations for their scientific papers.

  15. hey i misspelled kindergarten so how important can my so-called insult be? the best things we learned were in kindergarten anyway 😉
    those links show the types of studies people do, which were similar to ours. AGAIN, they don’t know me and i dont know them. what i AM SAYING is we all conducted our own independent research and reached the same conclusions, as did the NUMEROUS links online of people selling shark shield, shark camo, and shark decals. WE ALL REACHED the same conclusions based on our team’s private research.
    That is what i have been saying and this can get long and drawn out of me just finding more and more links to “prove my hypothesis.”

    We are all on the same team. That much is obvious. We all love the ocean and the creatures in it.

    Necessity is the mother of invention. i invented this suit because of my tremendous fear of sharks. i didn’t design it to make money. i designed it for ME and people like me.  

    If you would like to set up a scenario where i can wear my suit during one of your shark dives and on a different dive, wear a different suit and we can FILM the reactions, i will be on the next plane to you.

    Let’s both put our money where our mouth’s are, capiche? This is saying a LOT, considering i am so fricking scared of sharks that i formed and oh yes, met Steven Spielberg too

    I believe in my product and research so much I say to you, BRING IT. Let’s test it together shall we?

    • Thanks for responding in a nice way. I’m not sure I want to put my money or time into researching your wetsuit theory. Since I’m not really afraid of sharks and there are very few accidents with shark/human interactions, I choose to focus my efforts on research that will hopefully protect the sharks. If you want to come out and see the sharks from the safety of a cage, let me know. We just started the Bull shark experience in Bimini, which is land based, with a cage at the end of a dock. We also do Great White Sharks in Guadalupe and Tigers in the Bahamas.

      I wish you good luck with your suit.

  16. PR

    As a PR professional who knows nothing about sharks and thus has zero opinion on the validity of this article, I have to say ‘congrats’ to Scenester, who single-handedly turned this article from a reputable source into something that can only be substantiated by personal insults and verbal attacks to comments that dare question this article’s integrity.

    Whether or not the article actually has truth to it is irrelevant, because if your knee-jerk instinct is to defend yourself by being aggressive, your audience will not take you seriously enough to stick around and find out.

    Bravo, Scenester. Bravo.

  17. My friend, you contradict yourself because you stuck around, didn’t ya?
    At least i am honest, DEFENDING something i BELIEVE in – the mark of a patriot.
    You contradict yourself in such a brief span, now who would take THAT seriously?
    You stuck around long enough to register, and comment…

    THANK YOU. If defending one’s honor is no longer cool, so be it.

    Maybe it never was.

    Anyway i just appeared on Hawaii TV this week talking about shirts. 39 TV appearances and counting.

    Where’s your credibility again?
    Oh right, raging against someone who defends their invention.
    Hey people railed against Tesla too. He was murdered.
    This is why instead of having clean free energy running our cars we are choking the environment to fuel our greed.

    Mahalo nui loa.

    • Good for you, you get on TV. However that doesn’t mean that your suit works. I just got back from Fiji, where I actually saw a sea snake in the middle of white and black tip reef sharks. They didn’t seem to mind it at all. Also do you realize that most sharks actually don’t see color? So yum yum yellow seems to be more of a human perception.

      You keep on attacking people who criticize you, without having facts that dispute what they say. See the thing is, nobody is questioning your honor. For all I know you have great intentions and are a very nice and honorable person. My argument is with your claim that your suit will repel sharks. There is nothing I have observed that would indicate that sharks are repelled by stripes.

    • Jack Trevally

      39 TV appearanes and counting. I watched your video. Nice bathing suit. I mean that. But I am still not sure it would repel sharks. Don’t be so mean.

  18. Aloha Jack,

    i don’t mean to be mean.
    i am just defending something i believe in is all.

    no one is forcing anyone to wear black & white stripes even though there are copious amounts of scientific research backing it up.

    it began with Jacque Cousteau…

    if there were no validity to my claims people would just ignore this invention
    people only get bothered by the truth
    usually fueled by some subconscious feeling that
    “dang why haven’t i invented anything?”
    so they fuel
    that at someone who has.

    fact 90% of the population are spectators 

    anyway if you ever wanna catch a surf something Jack
    let me know
    any time any where

    oh and do you know who Gerry Lopez is?
    super famous surfer.
    like he would be in the water 8 hours at a time and have lunch brought out to him

    ask him why he only wears black and white stripes…

    • Here you go again with the copious amounts of scientific evidence. So far you named none. Everything you say or link to or mention is someones opinion, no scientific study. Give me just one, peer reviewed scientific study that proofs your theory.

      There is nothing wrong with you believing your suit works, but stating that you have scientific evidence is something altogether different.

      So if Gerry Lopez is in the water for 8 hrs. good for him. But again, how does that “proof” anything? You have to realize that in the last year there were fewer than 90 reported shark bites. Considering that millions go into the water every day and don’t get bit, you could make an argument for just about anything being shark repellent.

      I wear a black wetsuit, dive around sharks, sometimes as many as 70 Bull Sharks and have not gotten bit. Does that mean that a black wetsuit repels the sharks?

    • Jack Trevally

      I am just saying that you can buy black and white striped bathing suits at Target. Nothing special there. If they happen to deter a shark from biting you great! But I am not going to count on it.

      Oh, and by the way, I am diving the Farallones this October. In a shark cage, of course. Got any of those stripy wetsuits I can test? Preferably in 7mil. . .

  19. Jack,

    While you CAN buy a black & white striped bathing suit anywhere, the ONLY place you can buy a black & white striped WETSUIT is at

    i am sure they can make it any spec. All orders are custom.

    Who is taking you at The Farrallones?
    If it is Captain Greg Barron COOL
    he is a Burning Man veteran, like me.

    Tell him the filmmaker Gandhi Warhol from Burning Man 2011 says WORD TO YOUR MOTHER 🙂

    • Jack Trevally

      I don’t actually want to BUY one. lol.

      Burning Man? Ah, that explains a lot. Not that there is anything wrong with a bunch of tripping hippies setting stuff on fire in the middle of a desert and calling it “art”, but . . . .

  20. 1. It is merely a deterrent, the same way wearing a seat belt is in a car. Just because you wear one does not give you the license to drive recklessly. One should always remain a cautious driver and sea person, regardless of the amounts of safety measures one takes

    2. The reason i quote TV appearances is because you don’t “just get on TV.” Each producer researches your claims before ALLOWING you in their station. What this means is that is at least 39 other intelligent souls / teams doing their research as PEER REVIEW, per your demand.

    Not to mention Discovery Channel has definitely done the study on Yum Yum Yellow
    The International Shark Attack Files by the Florida Museum of Natural History is a vast majority of where we get our facts and figures and FACT an authenticated unprovoked shark attack happens once every five days somewhere in the world.

    If you need more proof you are simply being unreasonably difficult. You can keep posting and I will simply copy and paste this message over and over. Glad you remain safe around bull sharks – more power to you.
    It takes a lot more than a suit to remain safe with sharks. There definitely is a lot of finesse involved.

    Never once do I suggest hey, wear this suit and swim with sharks
    any more would I say hey, wear a seatbelt and drive like Mikka Hakkinen.

    It is merely a safety precaution and I am THE SURF LADY – a Lady does not need to repeat herself so please be a gentleman and act accordingly. Off to another TV taping – on Hawaii News Now the Sunrise show 8:10am live Hawaii time in 1.5 hours if you can catch THAT PEER REVIEWED segment. Namaste.

    • Weather you call it a deterrent or repellent, you still can’t quote any scientific studies.

      Sorry, but your claim that you simply just don’t get on TV and that the producers research your claims just don’t hold water. What studies do the producers see, that you can’t point us to? And no, producers are not peers. They are producers and don’t know themselves about the sharks. Peer review is done by fellow SCIENTISTS in the same field. That’s why I study and just don’t watch TV.

      I’m glad the Discovery Channel has done a study on yum yum yellow. Interesting, since sharks can’t see that color.

      Finally, it’s interesting that you state that I’m unreasonably difficult, but you still don’t quote any scientific studies or evidence. I stated that there are around 100 shark bites in the world a year and you state there is one about every 5 days. If my math is correct, you are actually saying that there are FEWER than 100, which makes my point.

    • Jack Trevally

      I don’t actually want to BUY one. lol.

      Burning Man? Ah, that explains a lot. Not that there is anything wrong with a bunch of tripping hippies setting stuff on fire in the middle of a desert and calling it “art”, but . . . .

    • Jack Trevally

      1. A seat belt is not a deterrent. It is a safety device. It does not ‘deter’ your car’s driver from colliding with another object. It holds you in your seat, should you happen to crash

      2. Peer review? On TV? Not too likely. That is why Animal Planet can run “documentaries” about MERMAIDS, treating the subject as if it were real! Mermaids don’t exist, and never have. Where was the peer review here?

  21. You both are obviously so into me,
    thank you.

    You wanna get to know me more,
    here is a TV interview i did yesterday


  22. And here I was, thinking this was about a shark repelling wetsuit. If this “logic” is how you “scientifically” reason, then……..

  23. Regardless of all the sources I have extensively cited
    you wish to try and poke holes
    ( any psychologist would have a field day explaining what about your personality compels you to do so )
    so i feel it is simply imperative you get the big picture on who i am.

    The most obvious glaring question is if my invention is less than stellar, just HOW did i end up in Shark Year Magazine?

  24. OK, name one SCIENTIFIC source! Not one source you mentioned is a scientific study, and you make claims that sharks are afraid of sea snakes, even though there is no way a sea snake could actually bite a shark due to the size of its mouth and the location of the teeth, some sharks actually eat sea snakes. You keep talking about being on TV and and you attack me, or anyone that questions something, personally. What would a psychologist say about that?

    How did you get into shark year magazine? They put stuff in here that has to do with sharks, they don’t say that the article is true!

    Again, this is NOT about you! It is about your suit. That’s the big picture!

  25. Re read comments.
    i cite many Scientific Sources from Florida Museum of National History to Discovery Channel.

    Just because YOU DON’T ACCEPT them as sources don’t make them less credible.
    Doubt is a reflection of who you are, not a reflection of who i or these sources are.

  26. Where did the Discovery channel do a scientific study of your suit and conclude that it works? Same question about Florida Natural History museum. And no, just some person saying it works does not make for a scientific study, not because I say so, but because the scientific community says so.

  27. All right then let us see YOUR white papers on why you believe it doesn’t work.
    The burden of proof is on you to prove it doesnt.

    Earlier on this thread i offered to test them with you and YOU DECLINED.

    Gosh Martin i am really sorry your work is not interesting enough to keep you busy trying to undermine those of us truly making a difference.

  28. You got this all wrong. It is not up to me to proof that it doesn’t work. It is up to you to proof that it does.
    I stated in my very first reply that I am NOT a scientist, and base my statements on my observation.
    But here are some links to articles that quote scientific studies with links.

    And here is the kicker. The Florida Natural History museum actually says that sharks can’t see colors as well and moreover state that you should AVOID high contrast swimwear!

    And finally, thank you for proofing my point once again by insulting me personally, while avoiding answering questions.
    My job is plenty interesting and actually deals with sharks. I declined to test the suit with you, because it is not up to me to spend time and effort to test your suit. That is the manufacturers obligation, before they bring it to market.

  29. You bandy the word “scientific” around like you have a leg to stand on.
    Then you would know that MOST scientific studies have two sides – if you present an article claiming one fact 
    another can find an equally viable article propounding the veracity of exactly its opposite.
    That is the nature of scientific study.

    Way earlier in this thread i already posted links that support our theory.
    It is just that, a theory, based on some scientific evidence.

    Because I decline to repeat myself and because I am a person of my word
    I will not repost those links again.

    You choose to ignore them. I even know for a FACT you didn’t look at the ONE link I posted today because had you, you would treat my claims with the respect it deserves.

    So if you aren’t going to even click the one link i provided,
    why should i provide more?
    I have given plenty on this thread and
    like last time my friend
    i WILL OUTLAST you.
    You will give up WAY before me.

    This is my baby and you don’t step into my home casting doubt without preparing its mistress for the Long Haul, and i am prepared.

    Let us start by dissecting your personality.

    Doubt, a status between belief and disbelief, involves uncertainty or distrust or lack of sureness of an alleged fact, an action, a motive, or a decision. Doubt brings into question some notion of a perceived “reality”, and may involve delaying or rejecting relevant action out of concerns for mistakes or faults or appropriateness. Some definitions of doubt emphasize the state in which the mind remains suspended between two contradictory propositions and unable to assent to either of them

  30. What has my personality to do with weather your suit works or not? You have one thing right. This is your baby and you will NOT listen to anyone who disagrees with you. You feel this is an attack on you. Instead of looking into what is being said. iE: Since sea snakes can’t actually bite a shark, how come the sharks would be afraid of them? You just shoot the messenger.

    YOU quoted the Florida Museum of natural history as a source and I put a link to THEIR article that says you should NOT use high contrast suits.

    Earlier you put links to an article that said someone was testing the idea of a shark repelling suit. (not yours and the article is not saying what the results of the tests were). Then you shift the burden of proof to me, which is like saying a drug company can claim a medication works and it’s up to the patient to disproof it.

  31. Black and white is not high contrast.

    Oh Martin, i only wish this battle of wits were with an equal.
    i apologize you aren’t even attractive enough to have someone to spend an evening with rather than on me
    you love me so much
    why didn’t you click on today’s link

    • Jack Trevally

      Black and white are not high contrast? Really?

      From the McGraw-Hill Science and Technology Dictionary:

      “high contrast: that area where the degree of difference between black and white approaches the maximum.’

      In other words, you cannot get more high contrast than black and white.

      Scenester, you are wrong again. Sorry to be rude, but you are both rude and incorrect.

      • Jack, I guess we are both too unattractive to know that black and white are high contrast. We all know that only beautiful people can be right, thus all the beauty-queens that win Nobel prizes.

        • Jack Trevally

          This is not about beauty. It is about whether or not a wetsuit can repel an attacking shark. Does a logo repel sharks? Do sharks prefer Body Glove to Scubapro (I sure hope so . . .)
          If I had a custom wetsuit made that had “GO AWAY DANGEROUS SHARKS” printed upon it, would that succeed in repelling sharks still further. Would it be selective? Could I for example repel lamniformes and carcharhiniformes while attracting orectolobiformes?

          Of course not.

          High contrast means high contrast whether skin or otherwise. Haven’t you ever fiddled with the ‘contrast control’ on your beloved television.

    • Peter Michael

      Scenester, of course you wish this battle of wits was with an equal. By stating that black and white are not high contrast, you proof that you are completely unarmed for this battle of wits. To find an equal, you’d have to find someone equally oblivious.

      FYI Black and white is the highest contrast!

  32. Thank you so much for your kind words! I wish this was with an equal as well, but I’m sorry, I won’t stoop to your level and insult you. I know about as much about you as you do about me and I would never resort to personal insults.

    I’m glad you are more attractive than I and that you have someone to spend the evening with.

  33. if either of you would have clicked the ONE link i sent you today
    i would send you more

    but if you won’t take the journey with the first step
    i won’t take you along for the ride
    my pretties

    *insert witchy cackle here*

    oh and by high contrast they mean TO SKIN.
    like if you are butt ass white you shouldn’t be wearing YUM YUM Yellow
    because that is high contrast TO YOUR SKIN

    ahhh amateurs.

  34. Ahh, I get it, yellow and skin makes for high contrast. ……. not. Just try to make a picture of someone wearing a yellow suit into a black and white (which is how sharks see) and you don’t get much contrast.
    The link you provided today is to a show that your are in. What has clicking on that to do with scientific proof?
    I’m much to unattractive to understand your reasonings, so I have to bow to your higher beauty.

  35. if you will not even click on the one link i sent today
    i hereby no longer respond to your disrespect.
    you can’t be bothered to see what i am about so
    you don’t deserve my time or energy

    no one is forcing either of you losers to wear the awesome shark repelling wetsuit by Boz.

    or put one of these BLACK and WHITE shark safety decals on your surfboard
    yeah there’s lots of companies up our

    why don’t you go pick on them?
    oh right
    because ONLY MY PRODUCT made it to Shark Year Magazine
    which allows choads like you to rant

    from here on out
    i will only dissect your subpar personalities

    and Jack you fucking hypocrite
    why did you subscribe to my YouTube channel?

  36. Jack Trevally

    I subscribed for two reasons.

    1. By telling the world that a wetsuit can prevent shark attacks, you are a menace to yourself and others. I am trying to help the world by countering your misinformation.

    2. Your campaign against plastics in the ocean is valid, albeit a bit misinformed as well. I want to keep up with what you have to say.

    I could unsubscribe if you wish. I have no malevolent intent.

  37. OK you win. You insist on attacking me and like I said, I will not respond in kind. Go ahead, dissect my subpar personality. Let me know what you find out. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be scientific.
    Just remember, as long as you don’t let a good fact get in the way of your opinion, you will always be right!

  38. PHEW thank GOD you are preventing shark attacks by warning people against my suit.
    And i am sure you have a valid point about plastics being GOOD for the environment.
    Hey i did say earlier that
    ALL SCIENTIFIC facts have two sides.
    Yep there are just as many studies out there showing how a seat belt may trap someone rather than save lives.

    i dont care whether you stay subscribed to me or not
    just wondering why you would subscribe to someone whose mission is to get people eaten by sharks
    as you put it.

    anyway like i told Martin
    you will tire LONG BEFORE me and YOU WILL GIVE UP
    so i am prepared to keep going
    this is something for me to do in between interviews
    next one is in 2.5 hours so


    also i might say this is a nice forum for me to announce my work
    i just found out my film “Aqua Seafoam Shame”
    about how PLASTICS ARE BAD
    yes that is MY take on it
    at the International Movie Trailer Festival

    ahhhh success
    you aren’t successful unless people with no lives pick on you

    • You would be a lot more successful if you would not have to ridicule others and just stand on your own.
      Congratulations on the plastics story. Now on that I can agree with you. Again it is not you I have a problem with, just your reasoning when it comes to the suit;

  39. Jack Trevally

    I looked at your link.

    Here is a direct quote from YOUR OWN LINK:

    “After the banded suit appeared in articles, books and films several other divers and researchers reportedly tried experiments with the idea and reported negative results. My experience based on thousands of hours underwater over a wide geographic area both with and without the suit clearly indicates a decided effect on the curiosity and aggressiveness of Gray Reef Sharks in particular and to a less noticeable degree other reef sharks. So, how to explain the difference in opinion, all expert of course.

    First let’s consider the matter of sharks and sea snakes. Sharks are not afraid of sea snakes they just tend not to bother them. ”

    What do you have to say to that?

  40. Ok so there’s a bunch of surfers in the water.
    All dressed a bunch of different ways.

    And if dressed in black and white stripes will make a shark “tend not to bother you”
    and pick something else
    that is all we are saying.

    increase your odds of not being the unlucky chosen one

    the fact is usually if a shark bites it is because he thinks you MIGHT be food
    let us say they aren’t afraid of sea snakes
    they already know sea snakes aren’t yummy

    so it isn’t that they become afraid of you
    you just mimic something they ALREADY KNOW isn’t yummy

    so they are more likely to NOT take a test bite.

    • How do you quantify “more likely”? There are probably close to a billion people entering the oceans in any given year and fewer than 100 are getting bit by a shark. So the odds of getting bit are something like one in 10 million. How do you determine that you reduce the odds?
      You mentioned earlier that I refused to help you test your suit. That is correct. I spend more time trying to reduce the killing of sharks instead of trying to make something safer that is already safer than just about anything people can do.

  41. Jack Trevally

    Good luck with your suit. I hope nobody dies.

    I agree with you about the plastics in the sea. It is a tragedy of unbelievable proportions.

  42. Pay attention Martin. I said they were a source
    I never said WHICH article.
    Don’t put words in my mouth.
    Your lack of getting laid has clouded your intelligence.

    Don’t ask me how i know
    except it is 10:26pm in Florida and you obviously have nothing better to do.

    It is 4:26 in Hawaii and i am waiting for another interview in two hours.

    Anyway, THIS ARTICLE
    talks about how sharks are NOT color blind and in fact have better vision than humans.

    If you’re gonna make me work, try harder…

  43. PR

    At first I regretted clicking the ‘Email me with replies proceeding my post’ box due to the stupifyingly relentless stream of un-professionalism that continued to pour into my inbox following all comments that dared so much as question the integrity of the product, but I must admit that I have now submitted to watching this trainwreck with amusement.

    This is truly a lost cause, and I would suggest to anyone engaged just to drop it. Scenester wants to talk about personality types -read: narcissism. This is a textbook case. No one will ever win an argument with Scenester, not necessarily because he is right, but because he is naively under the impression that he can never be remotely wrong. This type of personality also indicates that he is incapable of viewing questions or skepticism as anything other than a personal attack. He has very fragile self esteem and will thus resort to asinine insults and fight to the death over the smallest question to his infallible knowledge. Because you are not him, you cannot possibly have anything valuable to add to his research.

    It is entirely reckless and counterproductive to engage him further, because he is incapable of accepting criticism. Which, as I’m sure he knows, is the epitome of scientific review. 

    Scenester, the way you have composed yourself in this string of comments appropriately reveals to your audience that your work is plagued with your inability to even treat challengers with even the most basic level of human respect, let alone assessing their ideas without an absolutely infallible bias.

    Carl Sagan was a very wise man -“Skeptical scrutiny is the means by which deep insights can be winnowed from deep nonsense.” The people who have offered criticism in this thread have only engaged you in that. In return, you have only engaged them in a boorish fist fight over your ‘celebrity’ status.

    If you cannot accept criticism, then your work is based on a very, very limited perspective, and it is nowhere near complete. You don’t have to prove you’re right, because you disproved your method the moment you approached the conversation as a personal attack. Every time you respond with similar ignorance, you dig your hole deeper. This is why your audience will not take you seriously.

    I would encourage you to consult this article to read about a case of similarly fatal (and morbidly hilarious!) egotism that occurred recently on an episode of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ and, because the owner was both unable to accept criticism and unable to control her puerile rage, became an interactive internet sensation when she began throwing a tantrum on their company’s web pages. Scenester, be very careful that you do not become this:

  44. i didnt even read your post
    i just saw that it was you “PR”
    who claimed early on “no one would stick around.”

    wow, not only did you stick around
    but you came back for more.

    so, since you were wrong about your initial hypothesis
    i am going to assume that
    like all the others
    you will tire out long before me
    and quit when you’re behind.

    i dont even bother reading the allegations anymore
    because i have provided SUBSTANTIAL proof of the veracity of my claims.

    however, i will ALWAYS say SOMETHING
    because being the supergenius i am
    i know psychology
    and saying nothing is tantamount to admitting defeat.

    and i can tell PR
    you are a sham
    because a real PR person would know
    and because there is “no such thing as bad publicity”
    if you really wanted to cast doubt on me
    you would stop coming back.

    “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
    -Oscar Wilde

    It is my bedtime soon so if you keep posting
    and there is no response, that just means i am sleeping
    not that i am acquiescing.

    Tomorrow will be a full day of battling with half wits
    if the Universe creates it as such.
    Have you read “The Stand” by Steven King?

    That is my formula for winning.
    A supergenius,
    Mahalo nui loa

  45. Peter Michael

    And a winning formula it is!

    Unfortunately you contradict yourself constantly.

    On one hand you say “if you really wanted to cast doubt on me
    you would stop coming back”. and then “i will ALWAYS say SOMETHING
    because being the supergenius i am i know psychology and saying nothing is tantamount to admitting defeat”

    Ahem, yes, you are a supergenious! And nice to boot, not a bad word to say to anyone, unlike that “halfwit” Martin who constantly calls you names!

  46. Good morning in the name of Yahshua thank you Yehowah.
    I thank all the lovely people posting on this thread – do you realize that when someone Googles the words “shark repelling” THIS IS THE FIRST LINK on Google.

    Thank you for making me number one.

    It is kind of funny, this isn’t even my main job.
    It is a passionate hobby;
    but my main job is cleaning the ocean.

    This is me on TV (again 🙂 a few hours ago talking about
    my tireless and thankless efforts cleaning the ocean.

    Because of the popularity of this thread, i can now post ANY link here of mine to promote it and have it skyrocket up search engines, thanks to you all!

    So if i am too busy to keep responding, just for today, that is because i am preparing for my big director’s cut premier of our multi-nominated critically acclaimed environmental documentary “Aqua Seafoam Shame” happening tomorrow night in Hawaii.

    If you wanna come as my special VIP guest, please contact me on our project website because Yehowah knows, each time you respond, that’s money.

    Mahalo nui loa folks! I owe you all 🙂

  47. Mulan

    I am pretty sure she will be too busy promoting the premier of her multi-nominated environmental documentary “Aqua Seafoam Shame” to care what happens on here.

    She was on TV again yesterday talking about it

    Seems like her true mission is cleaning up the ocean and the big director’s cut premier is tomorrow night in Hawaii. i can’t imagine she has time to respond.

  48. Mulan

    Actually THIS Is the correct link to her most recent TV appearance

    Even SHE got it wrong. She must be REALLY busy!

    Which, she should be. Cleaning up the ocean is like, almost impossible.

  49. A Princess Mulan, how noble of you!

    Good evening my pretties. Yes I love you all now.
    Thank you for such an amazing gift of this forum praise Yehowah in the name of Yahshua.

    Tomorrow night is the Big Night. 
    Just did an awesome interview for the French magazine “English Now”
    merci beau coup Christina for that one.
    Look for it in December.
    The French do know how to take their time don’t they.

    Still waiting on that Spanish interview for “Aqui Y Ahora” to err
    is human
    to forgive is divine.

    Anyhoo, because of this amazing “straight to the top of search engines” forum y’all have blessed me with
    i hereby make a virgin announcement
    which automatically becomes trademarked and copyrighted:

    i am pitching a show to several networks.
    it will be a weekly show
    called …
    drumroll please


    The suffix lepsy has to do with “seizures and attacks.”
    You all here already know i am fond of attacking
    when having to defend myself.

    Sidebar anyway only once a week because
    i hate being in make-up.

    Each episode will discuss whatever is hot in the world of surfing
    and have at least one cool guest.
    It will also feature one cool surf related product,
    and have an environmental rant.
    Finally there will be a few minutes talking about what the swell is doing for that week
    which is why
    the runner up title for the show was…

    Endless Winter.

    Hehhejehhejejeheheh just to annoy my buddy Robert August.

  50. I noticed on this thread someone had the gall to insult Shark Year Magazine by insinuating they would promote a product that they didn’t actually think had merit.

    Obviously if they put it in their magazine they must find it to have some credibility. Would you write about ANYTHING you didn’t believe in?
    Kudos to Veronica Grey, The Surf Lady and Boz Wetsuits for bringing a product to market that could save lives. Hey, to all the naysayers, what do you say about it being featured in Surfer Magazine?
    Do you think Surfer Magazine would promote her shark repellent wetsuit for no reason too??? Geez.

    • Jack Trevally

      Thank you for the comment. If you read the thread, then you should understand both sides of this issue. I said right from the start that I hope it does work. . However, I am skeptical because of the reasons that have been outlined above. Belief in something does not necessarily mean accuracy or success. For example I could sell blue t-shirts with the claim that wearing said shirt would prevent bear attacks. All it would take would be one bear attack to prove the hypothesis wrong, no matter how much you believe in it. Same of the :Shark Repelling Wetsuit”

      The suit is an interesting concept. but if you know much about marine life, sharks especially, then you should know that there are a lot of shark species (somewhere around 500 known species). With so many types of sharks, there are a lot of behavioral variations. What might work on one species or even one individual shark, might not work on another. And what works in one area might not work in another area (again, there are no sea snakes in the Atlantic, therefore no conditioning of sharks.)

      And this has nothing to do with the publisher, regardless of whether it is Shark Year Magazine or a surfing magazine. It has nothing to do with the television stations that are helping to promote the suit. It has everything to do with the claim that this suit will repel sharks. I personally feel that this is only going to create a false sense of security. in the wearer. Please remember that most publishers are businesses and are trying to sell a story. Shark Year Magazine is in a different category here as they are more of a news service with a shark orientation. I have the utmost respect for shark year magazine. Basically what I see them doing is gathering shark related stories in one place. Good Luck!

  51. Surf Lady Veronica Grey addresses all the concerns on this forum
    on my show –See the show at:

  52. Jack
    you didn’t watch this interview

    it is obvious from your lowbrow statements.

    Why lowbrow?
    You ASSUME it will create a false sense of security when one wears the suit.
    Just because that is how it would make you feel
    does not mean the rest of the world would.
    Clearly you are NOT a SURFER.
    No surfer EVER has a false sense of security FOR ANY REASON.
    We don’t even turn our back on the ocean.

    You make me repeat myself which is tiring
    so here goes
    ANY LICENSED THERAPIST will tell you
    your obsevations are a reflection of YOUR WORLD

    Maybe your statements would be more accurate if you state your opinions that way:
    “this suit would give ME a false sense of security.”
    Don’t be saying it as if the rest of the world, especially those who actually surf,
    are pathetic as you.

    I will only respond to comments from here on out where the person OBVIOUSLY watched this interview where I answer so many of these points in elaborate detail. 

    • I have a few questions. Ignoring the insults you put into your replies, please tell me how it is not giving a false sense of security to the wearer of the suit. Given that you state that the suit has shark repelling qualities, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that someone that buys the suit will feel safer wearing it. If the suit does not make it safer, then the sense of security is indeed a false sense of security.

      The sea snake argument doesn’t make any sense, since not only could they not bite a sharks, because their teeth are too far back in their mouth, but some sharks, like tigers and bulls actually eat sea snakes. Given your reasoning, that would actually attract sharks to a diver.

      Given the advise that you say a licensed therapist would give, means that your statements are a reflection of your world, not others. You keep referring to tons of research etc. but don’t actually provide any scientific papers. It’s all just references to people who state their own personal opinions and don’t base it on science.

      Also, before you say that the fact that you were on that webcast proves anything, you do realize that we know that this is a pay to play interview and anyone can buy time to do it.

      • Hi Martin,
        Thanks for removing the post you had on Shark Diver about SYM and the attack vs. bite thing. 
        I personally believe sight is the last thing before a negative interaction between shark and human. 
        The electrical impulses us humans put out is the leading and major factor. 

  53. Hello All,
    This is Al Brenneka one of the owners of Shark Year Magazine and also a Shark Attack Survivor.
    Those of us at SYM stay neutral in most shark world happenings. 
    The topic of the suit was submitted to us and we posted it, this does not mean we support it or condemn it. 
    We just posted information that is on our topic list “The Shark World”.
    We also do not monitor posts made on SYM except for your first post. If it shark world related and not “Spam” we approve it.
    There are too many shark sites that only approve posts that support their views, we are not like that, and if your post is shark world related it will be approved. 
    Please keep the foul language to a minimum.
    Al Brenneka 

  54. Martin
    You obviously did NOT watch the webcast otherwise you would have saved time asking those SAME issues you raised before WHICH i address in the webcast.

    If it is pay for play i don’t know
    my publicist Robert Smith of Champion Media lined it up for me.
    Do your research and see who else he represents.

    We already established you don’t have a life which is why you are redundant.
    Like i said, thank you for every comment because it gives me the opportunity to respond with NEW information and keep our lifesaving products
    number one on search engines.

    As of today we premiered a Shark Repelling surfboard on NBC

    We uploaded it a mere second ago!

    NBC is this little network. Oh and they are not pay to play.
    The publicity will continue to grow when we get the photos back from the US Army.
    Yes, THE US ARMY is behind me.
    Research Lietenant Colonel John Cole stationed in Pearl Harbor, actually Ford Island, HI
    took photos of the board just today for our publicity campaign.
    He wanted the pictures to be military grade.
    You can research him if you like,
    he was an LA County Sheriff for 25 years just to be sure you have the correct John Cole.

    So thank you Martin; we will be sure to publish these photos here and you can take it up with the US Army cause God knows
    they don’t do any research and are pay to play.

    I am a HUGE Nirvana fan and “Pay to Play” is a hilarious song.
    Thank you Mr. Brenneka for this forum!

    Much aloha

    • Thank you ever so much for all your insults! You have established the “fact” that I don’t have a life, probably the same way you established the “fact” that your suit is shark repelling. In the meantime I thoroughly enjoy the life I don’t have, diving with sharks.

      YOU told Jack quote
      “You ASSUME it will create a false sense of security when one wears the suit.
      Just because that is how it would make you feel does not mean the rest of the world would. Clearly you are NOT a SURFER. No surfer EVER has a false sense of security FOR ANY REASON.”

      So if it does not create a sense of security, then what exactly is it supposed to do?

      So when you are done insulting me, could you answer the question, which you did NOT answer, either in your interview or in your post.

  55. Gosh it tells you what it is supposed to do in the first 10 minutes of the interview.
    You are either deaf, dumb
    or a liar. You never watched it.

    You are tiring and repetetive so i will repeat this
    As of today we premiered a Shark Repelling surfboard on NBC

    Since you are a liar Martin
    because anyone who watches the video will see
    i do address ALL those points within minutes
    i am no longer responding to you.
    i will simply copy and paste
    because you already know
    until you have something of value to contribute

    instead of stuff you end up having to delete later as pointed out.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful, polite and informative response. I think anyone reading your comments will see exactly how nice a person you are and how your responses answer any questions anyone has. That is a very good business model and will make any potential customer feel great.

  56. Say what you want about me
    but i am not a liar like you
    spouting off questions which make it glaringly obvious you didn’t watch the video

    you just want me to be wrong
    without actually examining what i present

    again this says a lot more about you
    than me.

    • How is asking a question lying? You still refuse to answer that simple question. I have examined what you presented and asked how the fact that Tiger and Bull sharks eat sea snakes affects your suit. … no answer.

      I didn’t say anything bad about you. How is “I think anyone reading your comments will see exactly how nice a person you are and how your responses answer any questions anyone has. That is a very good business model and will make any potential customer feel great” saying anything bad?

  57. i am pretty sure that tiger and bull sharks avoid BANDED sea snakes.
    There are many different kinds of sea snakes which is why we repeatedly say BANDED.

    Thank you for your posts.
    i should expect that every evening when 10pm hits your time zone
    your lonely nitpicky ass is simply grateful for ANY female communication.

    So enjoy this OTHER interview i did today

    • Well, pretty sure is pretty wrong. While you have been busy promoting your suit on TV and ridiculing anyone that asks questions, I’ve been out diving and have actually seen it happen.

      I’m glad that I can help you feel superior by providing you with someone you can insult. It really proves that your suit works!

  58. Jack Trevally

    Since you can magically repel sharks, I would like for you to invent a “Psycho repelling wetsuit” so that I can take a shower without being afraid of being knifed. Maybe it’s just the weird red berries I found . . . (Sarcasm)

    Please, please, please Scenester, show me the sources. Who did these studies? Was it a reputable science lab? I watched the entire “interview”, which you should more properly call an infomercial.

    I’m not trying to poke holes in anything. I am asking you for proof of an astonishingly brazen claim. That is all. Please share your sources, if you have any. Billabong, by the way, is not a proper source. I’m thinking more like RJ Dunlap, Mote or Scripps. I am sure there are others but these easily come to mind.

  59. Tons of proof.
    Google shark repelling and see how many different products there are from surfboard decals etc based on how sharks react to black and white stripes.

    Like i said in the interview, thank you for watching
    for every proof
    there is a counter proof. That is the nature of ANY invention.

    There are a bunch of people out there with “proof that seatbelts do more harm than good.”

    I have a life,
    unlike you and Marting
    so forgive me that I don’t need to reprove anything.

    I partnered with a reputable wetsuit maker whose reputation is on the line
    and now the MOST respected surfboard shaper in Hawai’i Kimo Greene to bring you a shark repellent surfboard.

    I am just glad the interviews are out and people can decide for themselves.
    Since you, like Martin, are a lonely boy just wanting ANY female communication
    i invite you to watch another interview i did today
    on life extension

    Remember, i have so MUCH stuff to promote that you will never have the last word,
    unless i deem it appropriate.

    Mahalo nui loa

    • Mark Studer

      for every proof there is a counter proof. That is the nature of ANY invention. ….. now that explains a lot.
      So I guess there is proof that planes don’t fly, electrical motors don’t work, and cars don’t work. Is it that kind of “proof” you’re using for your theory.
      If you had any proof, you wouldn’t need to resort to all your insults. I’m sure they are coming my way as well, since that seems to be the way you respond to anything.

  60. Thank you for saying what this is really all about. You have stuff to promote, money to make. Google shark repelling wetsuit and you get tons of products you sell and that somehow proofs the stuff works?

  61. You will never have the last word
    thank God you don’t have a life though or anything better to do 11pm in Florida
    so you can keep trying

    i will never actually stoop to respond to your stupidity
    until you watch the video in its entirety
    i also address what you just said 
    about money.

    Oh and if you are so desperate for an attractive female to give you attention who otherwise would never even look in your direction

    you aren’t as fun as Martin Gore of Depeche Mode
    now, he loves me.
    you just have a hard time getting over yourself.

    gOogle us

    • Ok, I’m really stupid. What has 11pm in Florida got to do with anything?

    • Mark Studer

      Wow, not one word in your post has anything to do with the safety of your suit! And you talk about not responding to someone else s stupidity? Martin would have to be stupid to want to listen and watch an entire video of you.

      BTW who’s an attractive female? Are you saying you are? When reading your hateful and insulting posts, all I can think is, what an ugly person you are. (and I’m not talking about appearance, but your character) It really makes me want to go out and buy your product!….. not!!!


    if you are so concerned with me promoting myself
    stop posting
    because it is only 6:40 in Hawaii
    and i have a driver driving me around
    i gots time biznatch.

  63. Well thank you to everyone who kept posting on this thread because you positioned OUR shark repelling wetsuit as #1 just in time
    because the rest of the world is finally catching on.

    A team of scientists in Australia have come up with EXACTLY
    the same concept

    Thank goodness we hold the patent in America.

    We are all on the same time and care about saving lives.
    Yee haw!!!!!

    • chris

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!… Thanks Mark S.!!!! But it cant happen according to scenester, oh wait, there was that metal thingy that blocked the shark , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!

  64. David

    Hi Scenester, I’ve just seen your incredible video with you telling us all about your fascinating new product and I wondered, does the wig come with the wetsuit or is that an added extra?


  65. Stuart

    During your weeks and weeks of research, did you not discover that tiger sharks actively hunt and eat sea snakes and seem to be immune to the toxin?

  66. Stuart

    In your weeks and weeks of research, did you not discover that tiger sharks actively hunt and eat sea snakes and appear to be immune to the toxin?

  67. Aloha boys!!!
    cause only boys don’t know how to speak to a lady
    THE Surf Lady.
    Anyway just got out the water
    a surf spot called Incinerators
    if you don’t know where it is

    Anyway David that is my real hair
    isn’t it cool?
    i hope it pays off one day like Carrot Tops’
    ah why wait for one day
    when today is better?!?

    Aside from the stoke of surfing Incinerators
    i am super stoked
    that choads like you who ask snarky questions
    keep me #1 on search engines

    but i am also stoked that Surfer magazine
    was sure to let the world know
    that even though some intrepid Aussies also recently used the same concept for a shark repellent 
    i am The First

    thank you Surfer magazine for reminding the world
    and Shark Year for keeping me here!!!!

    Aloha Wau Ia Oe

  68. Fred

    Thank you Veronica Grey for showing the world the true nature (behind the facade) of the narcissist. I think anyone considering buying your pathetic anti-shark suit can see from the above that they would be wasting their money. Boz Wetsuits must be so proud of their association with you.

    I particularly like the self-congratulating/self-worshipping/self-adoring mountain of self-lovin’ that is your narcissistic wikipedia entry. Any idea who wrote it, Bubbles?

    I’ve listed a few choice comments (the grammatical errors are yours, not mine):-

     ‘Even though she has had more published songs written for and about her than anyone else alive, Veronica Grey did not qualify for a Guinness World Record by being a modern day muse.’

     ‘Because of her tireless efforts as a steward of the environment, she is the May 2013 “Phenomenal Woman” cover story of Green Living Magazine.’

    ‘She is nominated as “Most Entertaining Guest of 2011” by who acknowledges her as a modern day muse.’

    ‘Veronica Grey also shares free and new secrets to age reversal, again via her charity Eternal Youth Empire.’

    ‘This superartist intends for everyone to overcome death AND taxes…’

    ‘Veronica Grey is recognized as a Business Leader of America.’

    ‘As such, this project [her sea plastics film], possibly the most important documentary ever made “Aqua Seafoam Shame” will be seen worldwide…’

    Keep up the ‘good’ work, Twinkles. We all worship you, we really do.


  69. Aloha Fred,
    No one has ever called me Twinkles before.
    Mahalo nui loa for the shining reference.

    Someone in India named Vikram RP manages my Wikipedia so if there are grammatical errors
    “Oh Well.”
    That is also a song written for and about me by Depeche Mode.
    Feel free to research that.

    Thank you for keeping Boz wetsuits #1
    we welcome EVERYONE to listen to

    WOCM-FM 98.1
    Bulldog and The Rude Awakening Show
    Host: Bulldog and Company
    9am ET

    tomorrow morning Friday July 27
    to hear me wax poetic about sharks, avoiding shark attacks,
    and our shark repellent inventions.

    We may even talk more about aka

    By the way, so easy to hide behind names like “Fred” and TRY to say mean things about someone.
    It would be more respectable if you don’t hide behind an avatar like a coward.
    At least I put myself out front and center “shamelessly”
    for better or worse
    like all great inventors.

    You are obviously a mere spectator.
    No one with a real life has the time to heckle someone else.

    Unless you wanna call in?

    WOCM-FM 98.1
    Bulldog and The Rude Awakening Show
    Host: Bulldog and Company
    9 am ET  (M-F) tomorrow Friday July 26.

    Namaste 🙂

  70. Peter Michael

    Peter, did you notice how she says “No one with a real life has the time to heckle someone else” …. she does more heckling on here than anyone, thus…….

  71. peter michael
    look up the definition of heckle
    what i am doing is defending my good name
    and standing behind what i believe in

    if you want to be a REAL man instead of cowardly ganging up on 1 lady
    1. don’t hide behind an avatar
    show links to who you are and what you stand for
    if anything

    2. call in and say it to my face
    WOCM-FM 98.1
    Bulldog and The Rude Awakening Show
    Host: Bulldog and Company
    9 am ET  (M-F) tomorrow Friday July 26.

    • Peter Michael

      Veronica, please, we are not all famous like you. Why would I have a link to who I am on the web. As you so aptly said above, all of us that disagree with you are cowards. I know, that is not heckling, neither are comments like:
      Aloha boys!!! cause only boys don’t know how to speak to a lady or

      i will never actually stoop to respond to your stupidity or

      Oh and if you are so desperate for an attractive female to give you attention who otherwise would never even look in your direction try or

      You will never have the last word, thank God you don’t have a life though or anything better to do 11pm in Florida
      so you can keep trying

      Nope those are all well thought out responses from a respectable business woman.

  72. Roberto Squalado

    Dear SurF la.dy,

    pLEEse forgife the pore typing. I amm in HosPital.  i only HAVe 1 finger.

    I bouhgt one of yuor shark replellent suits with the nice blackk and white stripez to wear here, in Africkaa. I was puttting it on on the beach WoNDERINg IF MY BUm looks big in it wehn I got attakced by a lion. Took my leg. I got the suit on and eskapdeD intoo the ocaen but a crocodle attaked. Took my other leg clean offf. bUt I still went surffing, as we surfurs do. barracuda took most of my fingerz. tHen the bigggest badded MOFO shark yuo ever saw With teeth liKE CHAIN SAWS swam up, saw THEIR wasnt much left and swAm away.

    i Want to thanck yuo for saving mmy life, girl. your shark suit works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. i would like to invite you all to a FREE screening to the Los Angeles premier of my environmental documentary “Aqua Seafoam Shame.”
    Tomorrow Saturday the 27th
    join a bunch of Surfrider folks in Santa Monica for the Awareness Fest

    11am at the Santa Monica playhouse.

    All welcome 🙂

  74. Peter Michael

    Here is how confident the manufacturer of this wetsuit is. From their website.

    Liability Disclaimer

    “Boz Wetsuits for Surf Lad(y) does not provide any liability insurance for protection of individuals, business entities, groups, organizations, spectators, or others who may wear a Shark Boz wetsuit.
    In wearing a Shark Boz wetsuit, the individual, business
    entity, group, organization, spectator, or other, does hereby release and forever discharge Boz wetsuits, and its officers, directors, agents and employees, jointly and severally, from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims and demands for, upon or by reason of any damage, death, loss or injury, of any kind or nature, which may be sustained by participating in any Activity while wearing the Shark Boz wetsuit.
    This release extends and applies to, and also covers and includes, all unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated and unsuspected injuries, death, damages, losses and liability and the consequences thereof, as well as those now disclosed and known to exist.
    Shark Boz wearer hereby agrees, on behalf of his or her heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, to indemnify Boz wetsuits and its officers, directors, agents and employees, joint and severally from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims and demands for, upon or by reason of any damage, loss or injury, of any kind or nature which may be sustained by wearing a Shark Boz wetsuit.
    It is further understood and agreed that said wearing of Shark Boz is not to be
    construed as an admission of any liability and acceptance of assumption by Boz wetsuits.”

  75. Awesome Peter Michael!
    Thanks for promoting our suit.
    We should give you a commission hehehhehe

    in case you missed this morning’s interview
    talking about all things shark safety related & environmentalism begins at 22:50 in the SECOND HALF of podcast

    Mahalo nui loa!

  76. Of the many hats I wear, the one label I give myself is
    servant of Yehowah in the name of His Son,

    Psalm 86:11

  77. Wow you contradict yourself in just one sentence.
    That takes great skill.

  78. Please keep posting
    you coward who hides behind an avatar
    revealing no truth about who you are.

    So easy to hurl accusations from behind a wall.

    You will tire of responding long before me
    as Each time you post
    brings this topic back to the top of search engines

    and for that I thank you
    since we have slipped to #5.

    Bring it 🙂

    • Peter Michael

      So what accusations am I hurling?. I’m posting under my full name scenester. ….. lovely name! I also noticed that you post under another Warhol pseudonym on other sites.

      I posted your liability disclosure. Is that a cowardly attack?
      I posted that tiger sharks eat banded sea snakes. Is that a cowardly attack?

      You post
      Of the many hats I wear, the one label I give myself is
      servant of Yehowah in the name of His Son,
      I point out that that seems hypocritical in light of you insulting those who disagree with you. Is that another cowardly attack?

      You say you are a defender, not an instigator! Look back through all these comments and see who the first person was to call someone names and make fun of them.

  79. Peter Michael

    You are so right, it keeps bringing this topic to the top of the search engines, giving everyone the opportunity to see what a quality human being you are and how you stand behind your wetsuit with that stellar liability disclaimer.

    You know what the best thing is? You keep telling everyone that the only reason you keep posting is to get the search results. Did you notice that this page is coming up and not your bozo wetsuit one? You keep insulting everyone on here and all the people visiting this site can see it.

    You super genius you!

  80. My dear it is your lackluster personality that is revealed
    i merely respond to cowardly insults
    i am a defender not an instigator.

    i don’t post just for search engines
    but to defend my honor
    one lady
    against “angry men with nothing going for themselves so they cowardly attack one lady who does.”

    i will continue to do so
    this is better than my Twitter @ThankYouJehovah
    for sharing updates hehehehhehe

    as far as search engines go
    google the words “shark repelling”

    • Jack Trevally

      Scenester, you still haven’t ever actually produced any evidence of proof of your claims. You only tell people to “google the words “shark repelling””.From this, and from your desire to be #1on search engines, I can only surmize that you are seeking fame out of sheer narcissism, even trying to either talk or trick people into using a search engine to google your product. Then you can say ” my product has a gazillion hits!”

      Meanwhile, you have produced no studies on the effectiveness and safety of your suit. I can only surmise from this that there are none.

      Just curious. I can’t understand why you bring up your faith. You can of course believe whatever you wish, but religion seems out of place on this forum. How does it affect the wetsuit, it’s operation, or it’s functionality in repelling sharks?

  81. Why don’t you pose your shark questions to the team of scientists in Austrialia who reached exactly the SAME conclusions I did.
    Oh that’s right
    because they too are men
    and it is easier to pick on a LONE woman who has invented EXACTLY the same product
    and again, Surfer magazine was sure to remind the world of that

    Grow up, be a man
    pick on someone your own size.

    I am much bigger.

    As far as religion goes
    I only brought it up 
    when someone asked me what I call myself.

    I am not so small minded to pick just one label
    except the one that glorifies HIM.

    Good day.

  82. DD Harrison

    Actually, the striped wetsuit scam to repel sharks as marketed by  the Australian team has indeed been criticized on other forums (as have you, hilariously and devastatingly). It’s just that your press release arrived here.

    It is beyond pathetic: the only defense you have left is to claim that you – a poor little lady (though you have the social skills of an abusive, sadistic, foul-mouthed drunk) – are being ganged up on by men. 

    Your PR company must be so proud of you.

    And FYI you are NOT the ‘inventor’ of the striped-wetsuit-to-repel-sharks. Valerie Taylor tried it out decades back. And here’s Walter Starck in the 1970s with his:-

    So there’s the end of another of your little claims, Ms ‘Supergenius’ as you style yourself (when you aren’t calling yourself a ‘Superartist’ or the world’s greatest living muse.

    So to summarise, with comments:-

    (1) You claim you invented a striped wetsuit to protect from shark attack.

    – You didn’t invent it. It first appeared years ago.

    (2) You claim it protects surfers from sharks because it reminds them of striped sea ‘snakes’ which they avoid because the ‘snakes’ are dangerous to them.

    – There are no sea snakes (let alone the striped sea krait) in the Atlantic Ocean. There is next to zero evidence of potentially dangerous sharks swimming from the Pacific/Indian to the Atlantic Ocean. The striped sea ‘snake’ has tiny teeth set far back in its fragile jaw and could never bite a shark. Tiger sharks (perhaps the ‘major’ threat to surfers in the tropics – though the risk is in fact microscopic) eat sea snakes, included the banded sea ‘snake’. Sharks are not frightened by stripes: just look at pilot fishes swarming around a shark as it swims, ignoring them.

    Your claims are looking pretty impressive, aren’t they? Oh but there is more.

    (3) You claim to have scientific evidence to demonstrate ‘your’ striped suit works.

    – You have failed to provide it. Instead, you rant, insult, abuse, change the subject, claim you are being ganged up on, invite people to attend/isten to yet more of your narcissistic media-friendly garbage. YET THE EVIDENCE YOU CLAIM EXISTS IS NEVER PRODUCED.

    (4) You claim your suit works

    – Yet Boz Wetsuits has produced a waiver/disclaimer that shows they don’t.

    (5) Among your other media-savvy claims are (a) that you have compiled a global list of shark-free beaches and (b) that if you sleep without a pillow you will not age in your sleep.

    – Both are beyond idiotic.

    Need I go on, ‘Surf Lady’? The only thing that motivates you is your narcissism.



  83. ANY product worth its salt WILL have a disclaimer.
    And like MANY inventions, it will be criticized until FINALLY accepted by the masses.
    The public never believed in planes until Orbille and Wilbur got it WRIGHT.

    Thank you for pointing out EARLIER versions of a shark repellent suit.
    We stand as FIRMLY behind patenting THIS prototype in AMERICA.
    Patents are viable by the country.

    Hey no one is forcing you to buy this or any other similar versions of the suit.
    Not sure why you are so angry that well meaning people with a desire to help saves lives put out a product.

    I am just grateful to forums like Shark Year magazine that continuously allow a response, unlike other forums which are completely one sided.

    An inventor who makes a product that they believe is sound owes no explanations to ANYONE except a SINCERE, INTERESTED PROSPECT.

    When a sincere PROSPECT 
    RESPECTFULLY raises a question, I will be happy to answer them.

    Meanwhile the only thing I owe the rest of you is GRATITUDE
    for keeping this and our wetsuit RELEVANT.

  84. David

    Scenester, would you test out your suit personally by going for a swim at The Farrallons, Isla Guadelupe, The Neptune Islands or Dyer Island?

  85. Thank you for the invitation.
    I really appreciate your respectful query – it is a nice change of pace and will be treated with the honor it deserves.

    We have stated repeatedly that this suit is a deterrent
    – it incorporates a safety feature
    that to the best of our collective knowledge 
    since there are many others out there on the same path with similar products
    COULD help prevent a shark attack.

    Many sharks bite to “test out” what a certain target is.
    Our intention is that perhaps they will “pass” when the black and white stripes present to them a less tasty option “obviously NOT a seal.”

    We cannot prove how many lives will be saved
    because we cannot account for “close calls” but to give you an idea,
    scientists believe if you swim in the ocean
    you most likely have been within 10 feet of a shark
    without even knowing it.

    I believe I have stated previously in this post
    but I am repeating it here because of your courteous demeanor
    (as I will treat all courtesy with equanimity)
    just as a seatbelt worn is not a license to drive recklessly
    neither is this shark repellent suit
    a license to go swim with sharks.

    We are here to increase your odds of safety in the water
    we never claim to beat them 🙂

    I will say this David, in some parts of the world
    like Australia and South Africa,
    I wouldn’t get in those sharky waters
    NO MATTER WHAT I am wearing !!!

    I am super afraid of sharks
    so this wetsuit is for people who WILL get in those waters anyway
    – just wanna try to give them a hand
    instead of them
    losing one 🙂

  86. DD Harrison

    ‘ANY product worth its salt WILL have a disclaimer.’

    – As will any product that doesn’t work. 

    ‘The public never believed in planes until Orbille [sic] and Wilbur got it WRIGHT.’

    – They DEMONSTRATED their invention worked. You have demonstrated nothing. 

    ‘Not sure why you are so angry that well meaning people with a desire to help saves lives put out a product.’

    – Being ‘well meaning with a desire to help save lives’ isn’t worth a can of beans unless your product (from which, of course, you and Boz Wetsuits hope to make financial gain) works. And the only way to know if it works is to have it rigorously tested. Which has not been done despite your making claims that it has. And the theoretical foundations on which it is supposed to work are clearly baloney.

    ‘An inventor who makes a product that they believe is sound owes no explanations to ANYONE except a SINCERE, INTERESTED PROSPECT.’

    – This is the mantra of every quack, charlatan and snake oil salesman on every street corner. Your product could be DANGEROUS. People could become foolhardy because they think your suit protects them when it is worthless or worse. Tiger sharks fond of feeding on banded sea kraits might even be attracted in to bite the wearer, as could any shark that might, under certain conditions, mistake the pattern for a school of fish — you have no grounds to dismiss such possibilities. I have considerable experience interacting with sharks underwater in baited situations and the one thing I know is that flashy, fish-sized strips of white on equipment (including a wetsuit) are asking for trouble. In fact most of the divers I know who work up close with sharks in baited situations wouldn’t touch a black-and-white striped wetsuit with  a barge pole. And the strips of white on your wetsuit look to me to be an accident waiting to happen — far more dangerous than the most likely ineffective design of Starck’s suit precisely because your stripes look like the flashing bodies of prey fish.


  87. Even airbags in cars designed to serve your life will kill you if deployed incorrectly.
    Let us see your credentials before you accuse anyone of being a quack.
    So easy to insult a product from behind an anonymous avatar.

    The only truth your post reveals is
    that you are a failed artist
    that is the definition of a critic.

    Happy Sunday and keep em coming
    do you really think a few cowardly choads hiding behind anonymous avatars
    will someday post a comment
    that will all of a sudden
    make us recant our position
    which has been carefully researched and developed for years?

    If you don’t like it
    don’t go away mad
    just go away.

  88. Peter Michael

    Valerie Taylor who by the way invented the striped wetsuit carefully tested it and found out that it doesn’t work.

    I get your reference to the airbags now. So if your wetsuit is used incorrectly somewhere where there are sharks around, there is no warranty. If used on land, you won’t get bit. Unless of course there is a “sharknado”

    I wish you would take your own advise, just go away!

  89. DD Harrison

    ‘…which has been carefully researched and developed for years?’

    — You are a pathological liar as has been shown 1000 times in this forum. There has been no research. Your suit won’t work, can’t work and in certain circumstances is almost certainly going to INCREASE the likelihood of being bitten by a shark. 


  90. Yes all these news producers booked me
    and placed their jobs on the line
    and allowed their networks to represent a “pathological liar.”

    THANK GOD an anonymous choad hiding behind an avatar has brought this to the world’s attention.

  91. D D Harrison

    I think anyone looking at the quality of your responses here about your useless – and probably dangerous – wetsuit (responses that demonstrate your incredible ignorance about sharks, your stupidity, pathological dishonesty, abusiveness and faux courtesy) can decide for themselves if they want to buy it.

    Good luck with all your other scams.

  92. Again, until you stop being a coward hiding behind anonymity and reveal what qualifications you have if any to be posting libelous comments, 
    yes, people will decide for themselves.

    Regarding the word “pathological”
    I will say that this suit has truly been in development for over two years
    the first time I went on TV talking about it
    was October 2011
    when it was already a formulated concept.

  93. D D Harrison

    Hi Wiggles.

    It’s me.

    Now go on and admit you missed me just teeny weeny bit. …That little thrill that passed up your spine when you saw another email had arrived from the mysterious DD Harrison. I know what you thought: DD Harrison… What if it’s really Harrison Ford incognito? What if he’s secretly auditioning me for the next Indiana Jones movie: ‘Indiana Jones and the Shark Fighting Surf Girl’. This would mean you could abandon saturating the internet with your self-infatuated wannabe-a-celebrity pages and join the ranks of the superstars!!!

    And come on: compared to all the fawning dolts out there who just fall down and believe whatever you say because you are on TV… Admit my posts are a little bit more exciting. That’s why you just can’t stop replying. Oh you want to. Oh you wish you could be strong and firm and walk away as Jehovah expects. But something – some dark, mysterious, primitive force you can’t fathom and can’t resist – makes you reply despite your better, higher, nobler nature. ‘Ooooh. I hope I haven’t scared DD away,’ you think, ‘Oooooh – he’s a REAL man…’ But when did I ever admit my sex? Sorry, gender. You being a religious fundamentalist I’d hate to use a word like sex and embarrass you. Amazing how fond you are of the word ‘choad’ though. I had to look it up. You naughty, naughty girl.

    So where were we?

    ‘Again, until you stop being a coward hiding behind anonymity and reveal what qualifications you have if any to be posting libelous comments, 
    yes, people will decide for themselves.’

    – Qualifications, you ask. Compared to whom? Compared to you, Fluffs? Remind us all of your qualifications in the behavioral sciences in general and sharks in particular. Getting on TV doesn’t count. Nor does falling off a surfboard in three inch waves. And a point to take on board (sorry about the pun): I can’t libel you with the truth. Nice try though. …The thought of staring doe-eyed across a courtroom at you – having the honor of suddenly being in the same room as someone as attractive as you!!! I’d have to wear my factor 50 sunblock because of your radiance but it would be so worth it!!! 

    ‘Regarding the word “pathological”
    I will say that this suit has truly been in development for over two years
    the first time I went on TV talking about it
    was October 2011
    when it was already a formulated concept.’

    – Over two years and it’s still a worthless pile of crap. Perhaps if you’d actually got some scientists to test it, it would have been thrown away as it deserved. But then we would never have met. If you call this meeting (see below). But to be truthful, Spangles – and let’s have a relationship based on honesty, truth, maple syrup and gooey apple pie – your intellect overwhelms me (not being a supergenius like you). You say your suit has truly been in development for over two years to which I can only ask what it would be like if it had untruly been in development for over two years. Oops. Did I touch a nerve? That there has been no development? Just a few squiggles on the back of an envelope and a flash of over-bleached teeth? And then you say ‘…it was already a formulated concept’. Damn Muffles, but I’m struggling again. I mean I have some idea what a concept is. But you are going to have to explain what a ‘formulated concept’ is, to distinguish it from, say, an ‘unformulated concept’. In other words explain your concept of a concept. Otherwise I might suspect that you are just trying to sound intellectual.

    As for the TV interview itself… Well, I’m sorry to say, Snuggles, that it’s the same old problem. You made one mistake after another because you are so very, very, very clueless. Harsh but true. But deep down I think you like harsh. After all, you worship Jehovah and no one could accuse Him of being twinkle-toed. He’s no heavenly Fred Astaire. More a gigantic, flying Saddam Hussein. I mean His murdering vast numbers of Israelite enemies… But don’t get me wrong: He did some neat things. No idea how He parted the Red Sea. And then drowning all the baddies following. You wouldn’t want to mess with Jehovah. 

    But let’s not fight. Let’s meet! Here:-

    – You pick the Trader Vic’s anywhere on planet earth. I’ll fly you there in my private Lear jet with Depeche Mode playing. I’ll wear my mirror sunglasses, silk tuxedo, a red carnation in the button hole and my best toupee (regardless if I’m male or female). You can wear your wetsuit and carry your surfboard and wear that fantastic blonde wig.


  94. That is my real hair.
    I can color it many different ways.

    Well you prove psychologists correct:
    there is a theory that
    people often generate conflict as a way to build intimacy
    it is a subconscoous wired mechanism in humans.

    I really do not want to create any intimacy with you
    no matter how much conflict you try to stir up.

    Anyone with as much free time as you to be this
    slanderous on a thread 
    is no one I want to know.

    Girls with REAL hair like mine
    are waaaayyyy out of your league.

    But you already know that
    hence playjng it safe with cowardly anonymity.

  95. D D Harrison

    The internet is awash with pictures of you in your stupid wigs and stupid outfits, making your stupid comments.

    While we are talking psychology, the fact that you are incapable of not lying even when everyone can see you are lying, is known in the trade as crazy lying. You should have left it behind in childhood. 

    Below is a list of the symptoms of your personality disorder. If you have one glimmer of self-awareness you will realize how well the list fits you – and seek help. Now just go away.

    Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    By Mayo Clinic staff

    Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by dramatic, emotional behavior, which is in the same category as antisocial and borderline personality disorders.

    Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

    – Believing that you’re better than others

    – Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness

    – Exaggerating your achievements or talents

    – Expecting constant praise and admiration

    – Believing that you’re special and acting accordingly

    – Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings

    – Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans

    – Taking advantage of others

    – Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior

    – Being jealous of others

    – Believing that others are jealous of you

    – Trouble keeping healthy relationships

    – Setting unrealistic goals

    – Being easily hurt and rejected

    – Having a fragile self-esteem

    – Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional

  96. I guess you haven’t realized 
    that I don’t even read your posts.
    As soon as I see it is you
    I just comment.

    Out of respect for Shark Year Magazine 
    I will only respond to comments that are on topic.

    The only purpose folks like you serve
    is to keep this article
    #1 on search engines.

    I did some soul searching as I always do
    presenting ALL my projects with integrity.
    I asked God if I am doing Your Work,
    why do you allow such online abuse for no reason?

    And then the answer became apparent.

    When the Aussies came out with their wetsuit last week
    this article fell in search engines.
    Hecklers keep it back to the top.

    The reason respectable prospects don’t have a need to post
    is because the product is self explanatory.

    Thank you Julia Widdop and Talk Story TV
    for re-running our interview
    this week in honor of Shark Week.
    We elaborate greatly on ANY questions a potential client may have about our shark deterring wetsuit

  97. D D Harrison

    I watched a few minutes of your interview. So answer my points below and I will watch more.

    I note you lied pretending you invented your suit (after I have pointed out it goes back to the 1970s). Then you said sharks avoid sea snakes because they don’t taste nice. That’s a new one! And easily disproved:-

    ‘Sea snakes are common prey for tiger sharks in Shark Bay despite being among the most venomous snakes on earth. Tiger sharks are not affected by this venom when they eat the snake.’

    Then you market your suit on the claim that why wouldn’t anyone wear one when it MIGHT offer some protection. What happened to all the scientific research you claim to have done to ESTABLISH that your suit works? And you say you have 3 shark experts who say your suit could work. NAME THEM.

    My own suspicion is that in certain circumstances those stripes could INCREASE the likelihood of being bitten by a shark for reasons already stated (and entirely ignored by you). But since you haven’t done any genuine research on your suit’s effectiveness, the question remains unanswered. So people asking themselves if your suit could make them safer from sharks (despite you having provided nothing more than mostly easily disproved conjecture and otherwise completely unsubstantiated speculation) should also be asking themselves if your suit in fact places them at greater risk. I suspect it does: the thickness and shape of the white stripes could, under certain circumstances, increase the likelihood of being bitten by shark species that feed on prey items of equivalent size. In fact I’m pretty damn confident that that is the case from my own observations around feeding sharks. So what is your answer? And I don’t want hot air. I want research, logic and facts.

    Incidentally, at the top of this page you claim, when questioned about coloration:

    ‘Yellow is known as yum yum yellow and this suit is black and white, NOT black and yellow.
    Whoever swims in black and yellow IS asking for it.
    Maybe the name Jack is short for Jackass?
    Do your research before hating on others’ correct work.’

    Correct work? Perhaps it is you who should have done your research because the (black and yellow) golden trevally swims right in front of a shark’s snout as does the (black and white) pilot fish without getting eaten:-

  98. D D Harrison

    Although I only got a few minutes into the abysmal interview linked to immediately above, I thought I ought to clarify some more points about how much of a charlatan you truly are.

    In the video at the top of this page, starting at about 1.12 you claim sharks (somehow!) know to avoid the banded sea ‘snake’ because of its bite. BECAUSE OF ITS BITE. Then in the interview you link to in your post immediately above, at 3.18 you have completely changed the whole basis of your pseudo-theory by now claiming you always claimed that sharks avoid banded sea snakes because they don’t like the taste. BECAUSE OF THE TASTE. And you have the nerve to pretend you know what you are talking about.

    In the video linked to immediately above you say sharks have been evolving for 15 million years and are older than the birds and trees. Once again your ignorance shines through. Sharks have been around for about 400 million years. The first modern trees go back hundreds of millions of years. Birds go back 100 million years.

    Garbage in, garbage out, Veronica Grey. 

  99. This original article has been seen by the entire shark safety community.
    Not one single credentialed shark safety expert has come on this thread
    to “point out discrepancies.”
    Just you, a coward who hides behind anonymity
    with no links or credentials go speak of.

    So I am not really concerned that you don’t realize
    when one is interviewed A LOT
    one has to keep the topic fresh
    and give out different information during each interview.

    Whether sharks avoid banded sea snakes for the taste or
    for its venom, the point is
    they are avoided.

    15 million or 400 years is also inconclusive
    scientists are having to readjust data regularly
    to match new findings.

    Thank you for staying on point.
    Someone without credentials who is not brave enough to stand behind their comments by revealing their true identity
    should not purport to be a scientist or psychologist.
    All you are good at is copying and pasting.

    As long as your comments are relevant
    I will address them when I find the time.

    • Peter Michael

      You are wrong on this as well. There have been shark safety experts disputing your claim, like Martin Graf. 12 years of diving with Great White Sharks and being responible for the divers qualifies as an expert and I think you responded with something like this.

      You will never have the last word thank God you don’t have a life though or anything better to do 11pm in Florida so you can keep trying.

      So what has 11pm in Florida to do with it? He doesn’t live anywhere close to Florida. How is that responding to his relevant point that tiger sharks eat banded sea snakes? I guess you don’t find the time to address the relevant questions, but lots of time to insult anyone on this list.

  100. D D Harrison

    Thank you for proving you are a fraud. Your pretend shark safety wetsuit is right up there with your sleep-without-a-pillow-to-slow-aging crap.

    Nice wigs, though. Interesting you have to lie even about the fact that you wear wigs.  

  101. Let’s see
    I don’t hide behind an anonymous avatar
    and yet you are calling me the liar.

    I LOVE how because I CAN REBUFF ANY STUPID POINT you TRY (and fail) to make
    you resort to accusing my real hair.
    Wow your ammunition is awesome.
    Thank you I am glad you think my hair is so pretty it must be fake
    people also think my lips might be.

    Again this makes sense about you doubting
    because psychologists point out
    we don’t see the world as it is
    we see the world as we are.

    Everything about me is real
    nothing about you is. Not even your name to start with.

    This thread has been up since February 8
    and if you think you will EVER have the last word
    good luck.

    I have the fortitude and strength to keep rebutting
    against someone who is so sure about their claims
    they are willing to
    openly admit who they are. NOT.

    When you openly sign your lame comments, then I
    and others, might begin to see you as anything other
    than a cowardly heckler with obviously no life.

    You actually only make me stronger.
    Do you know comedians PAY people in the audience to heckle them
    because that makes their show intriguing?

    Your activity on MY INVENTION is golden
    and you are giving away your energy for free.

    You will never have the last word unless it is relevant and respectful.
    Let me give you an example of relevance
    out of respect for people who visit this article 🙂

  102. I never lied about anything.
    I came with the idea not realizing that others already thought of it.
    I stuck to my guns when a patent search revealed that no one else in America had it patented.
    So maybe there are dozens of other folks out there who have an idea
    but the one who patents it
    can claim it.

    • Peter Michael

      Actually, you are wrong about that. If someone else already thought of it and it was known, like Valery Taylor, then they don’t have to patent it, if they don’t want to and the invention goes into the public domain, which voids a later patent. All anyone has to do if they would want to use your, “invention” proof that someone else already did it and your patent becomes unenforceable.

  103. PS there was a team who encouraged me
    to go through with a prototype and market the concept.

    Look up Clint Arthur and his GuaranteedCelebrity program.
    He was there along with his wife
    every step of the way
    from the day I came up with the idea
    til it was brought to market
    (a period of over two years.)

    Again I don’t have to prove anything
    my life is an open book
    you are still a faceless coward behind an avatar.

    If you had a shred of conviction
    behind your libel
    why hide?

    I raised this challenge to other hecklers
    and they all disappeared 
    one by one.

    Only one heckler had the guts to divulge his true identity
    because he actually felt he had a real leg to stand on.

    I’m kind of glad you don’t 🙂
    Thanks for making this easy for me …

  104. D D Harrison

    ‘Look up Clint Arthur and his GuaranteedCelebrity program’

    – Precisely the problem. And boy is it a big problem: you. Everything about this – like everything you do – is because you wannabe a celebrity oh so so so so so so so so so bad.  

    ‘This original article has been seen by the entire shark safety community.
    Not one single credentialed shark safety expert has come on this thread
    to “point out discrepancies.”’

    – Crap. A bunch of hippies sitting around and smoking pot while you dream up your latest I-wannabe-a-celebrity-oh-so-bad scam is not the ‘entire shark safety community’, whatever that is meant to be. The so-called reason your fake suit supposedly works (though you lied that it has been tested) was that sharks don’t want to get bitten by banded sea ‘snakes’. That was immediately shown to be crap on this forum so then you changed it to ‘sharks don’t like the taste of banded sea ‘snakes’. Tiger sharks eat them. They seem to be rather fond of all kinds of sea snake. Read the below you self-proclaimed ‘supergenius’ and ‘superartist’, you:-
    ‘There are at least six sea snakes that are found in Shark Bay, but the most common in our study area are the bar-bellied sea snake (Hydrophis elegans) and the olive-headed sea snake (Disteria major). Sea snakes are common prey for tiger sharks in Shark Bay despite being among the most venomous snakes on earth. Tiger sharks are not affected by this venom when they eat the snake.’

    And what about this at the top of the page from you:

    ‘Yellow is known as yum yum yellow and this suit is black and white, NOT black and yellow.
    Whoever swims in black and yellow IS asking for it.
    Maybe the name Jack is short for Jackass?
    Do your research before hating on others’ correct work.’

    Perhaps you should have done a little ‘correct research’ yourself. The golden trevally happily swims just in front of sharks without being immediately eaten:-

    – Oh, and it’s absolutely delicious to eat, by the way, and the sharks don’t try. 

    So where are we, Veronica Grey?

    – Your claim that sharks avoid banded sea ‘snakes’ because they are frightened of being bitten has been shown to be crap.

    – Your claim that sharks avoid banded sea ‘snakes’ because they don’t like the taste has shown to be crap.

    – Your claim that, to be ‘protected’ by stripes, the stripes have to be black and white and not yellow and white, has been shown to be crap.

    – You claim you have researched your product when you haven’t. 5 minutes on the internet (while you spent 2 years doing ‘research’) is enough to disprove your every claim (though I knew these points long before I encountered you). Virtually every single one of your statements to defend your suit can be shown to be wrong and demonstrates your ignorance of biology. ‘Sharks evolved over 15 million years and are older than the birds trees.’ ‘Sharks have, like, dude, just CRAZY swimming patterns so, like, dude, even if there ain’t no sea snakes in the Atlantic, I mean, man, sharks from the Indo-Pacific musta swum there still being scared of those snakes. And anyway, like when you walk in the forest and don’t eat berries it’s just the same for sharks, man, I mean they just kinda know not to mess with those sea snakes. Do you get my drift man? Now get outta my wig. I wanna check my email for my next celebrity TV appearance.’

    My money is on your wetsuit, in certain circumstances, increasing the chances of getting bitten by a shark. My money is also on the fact that the disclaimer which admits the suit is worthless as a shark repellent is legally worthless. Why? Because there have been no tests on the suit’s effectiveness and you have marketed it with pseudoscience, ignorance, stupidity and lies. In other words the product is a scam. Disclaimers don’t work for scams because they are part of the scam. 

    Garbage in, garbage out, Veronica Grey.

  105. Roberta Squalado widow of Roberto

    Dear Surf Lady,

    I wanted to tell you what happened to my husband Roberto. He was the guy in Africa who got attacked by a lion, a crocodile and barracuda when he put on your shark-repelling suit. But no sharks!!! Left with only 1 finger. But he was brave, was my darling Roberto, so brave.

    They let him out of hospital yesterday and he said ‘I must go surfing!’. I said ‘Babe – you only have 1 finger. How can you go surfing?’ ‘One finger surfing!’ he said.

    So he put on your Boz Shark Repelling Wetsuit (TM/Pat, Waiver signed and in the post) and tried to go 1 finger surfing. He tried. Oh he tried and tried and tried. I was crying. He was so brave, trying so hard. I was crying with joy at how brave he was. And then a sea snake bit him on the finger.

    His last words were ‘Give the Surf Lady the finger – she deserves it!’. Those were his last words. So if you tell me where you live, Surf Lady, I will give you the finger. 

  106. Too busy enjoying my evening here in Hawai’i with Robert Smith of The Cure
    to even bother reading ANY of ALL your nonsense.
    Notice how quickly i respond?

    But thank you for giving me a reason to post
    I have so much to promote
    and it IS leading up to shark week 
    let us keep THIS shark deterring wetsuit #1!!!

  107. Well i am very sad.
    This article had dropped to the bottom of the first page of Google
    which means the hecklers are officially useless 🙁

    The only reason you were all tolerated
    was because
    it helped keep this article near the top of Google.

    Oh well i guess i can go to sleep now
    having had an awesome night with The Cure
    it is 3am Aloha time.

    Dang it i saw all your hot air as the resistance needed to take off.
    You see a jet cannot take off into the air
    without a bunch of air pressure resisting it
    it is that opposing force
    that actually propels it.

    And now you troglodytes’ comments don’t even keep this article afloat.

    You know how you all come off?
    Imagine a person walks off the street 
    into a hospital and yells at a surgeon in the operating room

    “Stop stop you are doing it all wrong.”
    And the surgeon says
    “We have been studying this technique a couple years and other similar teams around the world are practicing the same.”
    And you say,
    “No but believe me you have it all wrong.”
    And the surgeon asks you for credentials 
    wanting to know
    who you think you are, walking off the street and making grand accusations.
    And instead of sharing ANY credentials
    you hide behind a mask and say
    “just trust me you are wrong, never mind who i am.”

    The surgeon will ignore you
    and have security escort you out.

    The only reason your posts have been ALLOWED
    is because i thought it was serving a purpose.

    Oh well now it’s not
    at least i go to sleep knowing that the public will read my posts because everyone wants to know
    how to handle morons.

    Sweet dreams all.

  108. Peter Michael

    Wow, finally you nailed it. Except you are describing yourself.
    You kept thanking shark year magazine for giving you the opportunity to put this article up and now you say “The only reason your posts have been ALLOWED
    is because i thought it was serving a purpose.” YOU allowed it? Kind of proofs who the narcissist and egomaniac is!

    You say
    “Stop stop you are doing it all wrong.”
    And the surgeon says
    “We have been studying this technique a couple years and other similar teams around the world are practicing the same.”
    And you say,
    “No but believe me you have it all wrong.”
    And the surgeon asks you for credentials
    wanting to know
    who you think you are, walking off the street and making grand accusations.
    And instead of sharing ANY credentials
    you hide behind a mask and say
    “just trust me you are wrong, never mind who i am.”

    Again, you nailed it. You described yourself to a T “I’m not really a shark scientist or know much about them, but I get interviewed a lot and I stayed at a holiday inn express.

    Nicely done! You know this whole thread makes it very easy to expose you for who you are. A media whore! You repeatedly stated what this is all about. Ranking on google, to sell your worthless product, to fleece the gullible. You repeatedly stated that you would answer relevant questions and answered by insulting the questioner. Who needs 20/20 to expose a scam, when you do such a nice job exposing yourself?

  109. Patsy Beth Belmonte

    Hi Guys!

    This is Patsy Beth Belmonte from Class 4b at Rushville-Gordon-Chadron-Crawford School, Nebraska. It’s great to be here!

    Ms Delgado has had the whole class following this discussion for her ‘How to behave in internet chat forums’ lesson. We have been following this discussion with great attention!!!
    I mean, Veronica Grey, you are amazing! You invent something that doesn’t work and when people start discussing it and asking questions you just throw a temper tantrum and insult them. It’s like you are insulted that anyone dares question you and that in your world if you say something works, that’s the end of it.

    I asked Ms Delgado what a ‘choad’ is – one of Veronica Grey’s longest words! – and Ms Delgado didn’t know. Boy did we find out. That is so classy, Veronica Grey! Such a cool way to sell a product: fly into a rage because people ask questions, insult your potential clients and never answer anything. We were trying to decide which of your posts best reflects what a nice, mature, professional business person you are, given that you describe yourself as a recognized business leader in America, and settled on:

    why don’t you go pick on them?
    oh right
    because ONLY MY PRODUCT made it to Shark Year Magazine
    which allows choads like you to rant
    from here on out
    i will only dissect your subpar personalities
    and Jack you fucking hypocrite
    why did you subscribe to my YouTube channel?

    I mean that is so cool!!! – Just because guys who obviously know something about sharks ask questions. And how can they change their minds when you never answer anything, or, when your answers are so stupid and are shown to be so every single time!!!, when you scream abuse, talk about something else, complain it’s men ganging up on an attractive woman, or change your answers and think no one will notice? I mean what does the fact that you are a pop groupie have to do with whether you can design a shark-repellent suit? Nope. The class of 4b just don’t get it. Ms Delgado said that if you handed in an essay of the standard of your answers in this forum you would get an F—. That’s 3 levels below a fail. And that’s just for the factual content. She’s never had to go that low before.
    And then everyone in the class was talking about whether your stupidly colored hair is real or just stupidly colored wigs. Why can’t you just do a normal interview like a normal human being without all those idiot props like wigs/dyed hair, posing in your surfing gear and surf board or wearing a tutu? We looked and looked but couldn’t find one TV appearance where you weren’t dressed like a clown.  

    So then we were talking about this DD Harrison. Everyone in the class thinks (s)he’s awesome. I mean the way (s)he just shoots down everything Veronica Grey says and shows her up to be so completely stupid, dishonest and clueless. And then the Surf Lady pretends she doesn’t read his/her replies and just does her insults thing. Or pretends to be grateful for the publicity when her ‘invention’ is seen as a sick joke by anyone who visits this forum. Of course plenty of other people did that in this thread long before DD arrived and we also think Peter Michael is awesome, but we like DD Harrison the best. 

    Then Ms Delgado handed out a questionnaire on the forum discussion and I thought I’d let you all have the results:-

    Q: Do you think the Boz/Veronica Grey shark repellent suit would work? 
    A: No: 20. Yes: 1*.

    Q: Do you think Veronica Grey and Boz Wetsuits should market their untested product after Veronica Grey claimed it has been scientifically tested as a successful shark repellent when it hasn’t been?
    A: No: 20. Yes: 1*.

    Q: Do you think Veronica Grey is lying when she says the entire shark safety community has been involved in the development of this product?
    A: No: 1*. Yes: 20. 

    Q: Do you think Veronica Grey has conducted herself in a mature, courteous, professional, honest and intelligent manner in this forum?
    A: No: 20. Yes: 1*.

    Q: Has Veronica Grey answered a single question about her product in a way that convinces you she knows what she is talking about?
    A: No: 20. Yes: 1*.

    Q: Do you think Veronica Grey has been mistreated in this forum considering that she was the first to throw insults, has lied throughout and has failed to answer her critics, but instead just launches into an endless stream of personal attacks?
    A: No: 20. Yes: 1*.

    Q: Do you think Veronica Grey is a ‘supergenius’ as she styles herself?
    A: No: 20. Yes: 1*.

    Q: Do you think Veronica Grey is a ‘superartist’ as she styles herself?
    A: No: 20. Yes: 1*. 

    Q: Do you think, as Veronica Grey claims, that if you sleep without a pillow you won’t age in your sleep?
    A: No: 20. Yes: 1*.

    Q: Do you think DD Harrison is awesome?
    A: No: 1*. Yes: 20.

    So there you have it, list members. Oh one more thing, guys. The 1* refers to Mike Brown. He’s dyslexic and ticked all the wrong boxes.


    Patsy Beth Belmonte.

  110. Peter Michael

    Veronica, how come you didn’t mention your starring role in this. You have it on your IMDB profile.
    It’s a dating show. Your role “dater” Title of show. “Freaks and weirdos”
    It explains a lot!

  111. I don’t need to toot my own horn.
    I let rock stars do that for me

    and people with no life of their own.
    Two opposite ends of the spectrum
    guess who I prefer hanging out with?

    But Yahshua teaches to love everyone unconditionally
    which is why I responded.

  112. Peter Michael

    Oh Veronica, you are so right, you don’t NEED to toot your own horn, You just can’t resist it!

  113. D D Harrison

    ‘Media whore’ – you nailed it, Peter Michael!

  114. Jack Trevally

    Veronica, I just looked up your suit on the Boz Wetsuit website. I must say, you charge a lot for those stripes. I bought my 3/2 wetsuit for about $179. Your 3/2 suit with shark repelling magical juju stripes costs $379. Of course if it works $200 is cheap. If it works.

    How would anyone know if it works or not. If you don’t get bitten by a shark, either 1) the suit is working and the sharks are repelled by the suit just like water off a duck’s back. Or 2) perhaps there were no sharks in the area that day and you were just part of the 38 million to one statistics against shark attack happening to you. Hey if you don’t get hit by lightening while surfing, perhaps you could market that angle.

    Of course if you do get bitten by a shark (one chance in 38 million or thereabouts) then your claim would have been negated.

    The point is: you would never know if your suit did work. Only in the case of an actual shark bite on an individual wearing the suit would anyone be the wiser. And meanwhile you are charging more than DOUBLE what a comparable suit would cost from a reputable dive shop (yes I dive, I do not surf). Moreover, it is priced $100 more than a standard 3/2 TermoBoss wetsuit by Boz. So how do you justify the difference in price? Just for the “shark repelling” stripes?

    Come on! You must think that the surfers of the world are a bunch of idiots, because you are not only selling them the brazen claim of “shark repellant” but you are overcharging them as well. What a rip-off!

  115. Thank you Jack for a ligitimate query.
    Every wetsuit by Boz is CUSTOM made.
    Not a factory, but real water lovers, based in Peru.
    They custom weave the stripes INTO the wetsuit
    which is a time consuming labor of love.
    These are craftsmen who take pride in their work
    not factory “off the rack” stuff.

    ANYTHING custom made with that precision
    will cost more.
    Whether it be shoes or motorcycles or jewelry, etc.

    The fact is we OWN the patent in America
    and if you think you can find the same quality elsewhere
    the Australian version is $100 more 🙂

    I choose to overlook your misled charge of calling us a rip off because
    you gave me an excellent opportunity to share a lot about our wetsuits, which i am happy to do ONLY FOR respectful, relevant queries,
    which yours was for the most part.

    Let me share with you a VITAL piece of information about us Jack,
    since you have been visiting this thread from the beginning
    6 months ago and are obviously “on the fence.”

    Winning over someone undecided is a real coup.

    What I need to make abundantly clear is this:

    We are in the business of

    You will notice


    You have to contact us.

    When we work with a client, you become our investment and we only want to suit
    the suitable, so to speak.
    We will place a lot of
    time energy love labor and safety in your suit
    and will have to deal with you often
    perhaps the rest of your life!!!

    So my dear, if you think you can find a better suit cheaper else where
    by all means, be our guest.
    You have done us the favor of disqualifying yourself as one of our privileged clients to whom we cater
    hand and foot, literally 🙂

    A client has to tell us why we should go out of our way to make a custom shark repellent suit for them
    not the other way around.
    Boz has never been or will ever be
    motivated by anything other than excellence and love for the water.

  116. D D Harrison

    So now Boz Wetsuits requires people to be WORTHY to wear their wetsuits and narcissist supreme Veronica Grey is the gatekeeper!
    The Boz/Grey business model is magnificent! I am sure anyone reading your posts will definitely want your scam wetsuit more than ever now! Oh please – please – please! I know I am not worthy to come into your presence! But a Boz wetsuit designed by you – it’s been blessed by your Divine Status! I don’t care that it’s a scam, that it won’t work, that it might increase my chances of getting attacked by a shark!!!

    Boz Wetsuits must be so proud working with you – seeing their reputation dragged down into the sewage that is your personality. Of course they are partly to blame: anyone with the slightest capacity for critical thinking and a little knowledge about sharks can see the whole thing is a media-whoring scam by you. 

    It just gets funnier and funnier.

  117. You should know that I don’t read the posts of a heckling coward who hides behind an avatar with no credentials to speak of. Just a bunch of misplaced hot air since there is nothing in your personal life to keep you interested enough to stop bothering those who do.

    For everyone else I read the first couple of sentences to determine if a comment is relevant and requires actual attention. And it is for you I share this secret video.
    Just a gift.
     Nothing shark related
    live from Hawai’i
    a very sharky island chain 🙂

  118. DD Harrison

    Over 200 comments in this forum and not a single one complimentary for your scam invention. Not 1.

    You know nothing about sharks, nothing about biology and next to nothing about reality. Yet you have the nerve to claim

    ‘We are in the business of

    How dare you. You have failed to provide a single reason why your suit could possible work, instead resorting to lies, personal attacks, insults and showing at every turn that you are completely and utterly clueless about the topic. COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY CLUELESS. 


    Whatever your link is – no doubt something to do with your narcissism – it is irrelevant in this forum.

    Garbage in, garbage out, Veronica Grey.

  119. Until you reveal any credentials
    you are just a cowardly heckler hiding behind an avatar.

    Forgive me for not reading your post.

    I do see your signature though.
    Most people sign
    with words like “Sincerely,”
    or “Best regards,”

    It is a reflection of who they are.
    Your signature accomplishes as much.

  120. Alex


    whether you are actually the real Veronica Grey aka the Surf Lady or just someone pretending to be her, because, let us face it, there is no way to prove who is behind any avatar, why do you bother responding to these people?

    I notice not one single person who heckles you is a female. Seems like a bunch of males who are too cowardly to take up their issues with a group of male Australian scientists so they gang up on one lady. Anyway, it is obvious there is no way your topic would be up this long if it wasn’t for the support of a team of people behind you. Like you said, this product has come across the desk of every professional shark safety expert and not one of them refutes your claims. Only anonymous people with no convictions upon which they are willing to sign their honest identity. You are right, people with lives don’t have time to pick on others. I myself was reticent to come on this thread, but I just want to quickly say bravo to you since so many of us already think that but don’t have the time to say it. Those of us with lives, who can be happy for others’ successes and honest efforts. Stick to your guns and remember that unconditional love is the only thing that wins. Looks like you already know that.

    • Peter Michael

      Alex, or should I say Veronica. Now you are hiding behind another avatar and compliment yourself. Nicely done! You really should go and play yourself again on that blind date series. We need another freaks and weirdos episode.

    • Jack Trevally

      I do believe Peter Michael is right! Hi Veronica! Hi Scenester!

      Nice try.

  121. Please tell me if anyone appears on TV
    more than i do
    talking about shark safety.

    i don’t have time to research that minutae
    and the peanut gallery here does 🙂

    The reason i am asking is because
    i want to announce:

    Another Shark Week TV performance
    from the most frequent Shark Week guest of

  122. Peter Michael

    You’re not the most frequent guest on shark week. While you are busy promoting yourself and sleeping yourself younger. The real experts are actually out observing the sharks.

    A self proclaimed shark safety expert with an irrational fear of sharks, that’s what you are.

  123. Tell me oh wise heckler
    if there is someone who appears on TV
    more than i do
    regarding sharks

    WHO IS IT?

  124. DD Harrison

    Hi Veronica Grey-Alex you pathetic, attention-seeking freak, fraud, charlatan, liar, media whore, pop groupie and crank.

    Am I being too harsh? Not a bit of it since you are now a self-confessed fraud.

    This from your updated Wikipedia page:-

    ‘Veronica Grey has exposed herself as a fraud, when she claimed that she invented the first non electronic shark repellent wetsuit. She actually copied a design by renown shark expert Valerie Taylor.[18] She has also repeatedly refused to answer questions about the suit, when she posted an article on shark year magazine and stated that her comments were just meant to increase Google rankings.[17]’

    Actually, I believe it was Walter Starck’s invention (I could be wrong but since you just took your ‘facts’ from your critics here, you are even a fraud about being a fraud).

    Crawl away and change your narcissistic wikipedia page again if you want but I have the whole repulsive page of your sick, desperate to be famous, self-adulation on file. 

    And you expect people to buy the Boz wetsuit as a shark repelling device!!!!!!!


  125. Unless i am posting as D D Harrison and suddenly
    some kind of schizo
    i am not self confessed anything.

    Like i said earlier
    thanks for letting me know about the Wikipedia
    since i don’t manage it.

    i will have to let Vikram know.

    heheheheh next time you want to sabotage someone
    don’t tell them.

    cause then they can do damage control 🙂

    ahhh i guess you’re nobody until your Wikipedia gets hacked 
    thanks for making me somebody all of a sudden

    i was listening to a meditation today
    about how ALL humans are here for a divine purpose

    may God help you fulfill yours
    surely this isn’t
    it for you?

  126. I see the changes you made on my Wikipedia.
    Because most of them are outright lies
    I will not even address them cause you are like a mosquito
    and not much else.
    And yes even they have a divine purpose 🙂

    There is one change you made
    I will address here 
    because it is SUPER RELEVANT

    I DID NOT POST THIS ARTICLE on Shark Year Magazine.
    I don’t know how it got in here
    but I am just grateful …

    And I do know that the webmaster does see these comments
    if i am lying
    it would not be cool 😉

  127. DD Harrison

    It just gets funnier and funnier.


  128. Oh DD
    i hate redundancy.
    why do you make me repeat myself?

    “We don’t see things as they are,
    we see them as we are.”
    Anais Nin 

  129. Oh DD

    And listen 

    if i was being fraudulent
    (which by the way is the proper word)
    about being fraudulent

    that is a double negative
    that cancels itself out

    which means i am gelling the truth

    except you never do
    except by accident 😉

  130. Peter Michael

    A 2012 popular book on power-hungry narcissists suggests that narcissists typically display most, and sometimes all, of the following traits:[6]

    An obvious self-focus in interpersonal exchanges
    Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships
    A lack of psychological awareness (see insight in psychology and psychiatry, egosyntonic)
    Difficulty with empathy
    Problems distinguishing the self from others (see narcissism and boundaries)
    Hypersensitivity to any insults or imagined insults (see criticism and narcissists, narcissistic rage and narcissistic injury)
    Vulnerability to shame rather than guilt
    Haughty body language
    Flattery towards people who admire and affirm them (narcissistic supply)
    Detesting those who do not admire them (narcissistic abuse)
    Using other people without considering the cost of doing so
    Pretending to be more important than they really are
    Bragging (subtly but persistently) and exaggerating their achievements
    Claiming to be an “expert” at many things
    Inability to view the world from the perspective of other people
    Denial of remorse and gratitude

  131. You are such a brilliant researcher
    how come you could not find anyone
    who appears on TV
    more than i do
    talking about shark safety?

    Or did you just decide
    to ignore that last question
    in response to your inane accusations?

    I am going to bed
    because of

    i wish the same for you all
    so you would have a better life
    than trying to tear down someone else

  132. DD Harrison

    ‘if i was being fraudulent
    (which by the way is the proper word)
    about being fraudulent
    that is a double negative
    that cancels itself out
    which means i am gelling the truth’

    – You aren’t even close to getting it right, Plankton Brain. You need to learn the difference between a noun and an adjective, negation and paradox, and then go away and see why neither necessarily works in your example (which is what your assertion requires).  

    As for your being a fraudster, let’s stick with the facts, shall we? Here are 3:-

    – You claim your scam wetsuit has been seen by the entire shark safety community
    – You claim by sleeping without a pillow someone can halt aging
    – You claim your scam wetsuit is a scientifically tested shark repelling safety device


  133. DD Harrison

    ‘I am going to bed’

    Make sure to sleep without a pillow to halt that pesky aging process.


  134. This week is National Whiners Week.
    Only in America would you find such a distinction
    it is well represented on this thread.

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