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19. April 2013

BALI SHARKS and NIRWANA GARDENS of Bintan, Indonesia have tentatively agreed to collaborate on creating the World’s second Shark Conservation nursery. Nirwana Gardens has offered it Pier location (home of Kelong Restaurant) to facilitate the project. Less than two years ago, Bali Sharks created a socioeconomic alternative for local fishermen to killing sharks. The same fishermen that once killed sharks are now saving them.

The BINTAN SHARK CONSERVATION PARK will offer Riau based fishermen an opportunity to learn about sustainable fishery practices as well as rescuing such species that have been caught as bycatch.

Bali Sharks has saved over 50 sharks since the program began. The Bali project began intercepting pups and juvenile sharks from fishermen before they get sent to fish markets. Catches include an entire litter of 10 pups less then two days old that were stuck in a seaweed farm at low tide. Once the pups grow to about 1 meter in size and are competent they are released into saver deeper reef areas. Last August, in Sinaraja off North Bali, a 1.6 meter pregnant White Tip Reef Shark was rescued from netting and successfully gave birth to 3 pups over Bali’s Nyepi Silence Day. She was released back into the wild Easter morning.

BINTAN SHARK CONSERVATION PARK will offer a controlled family friendly Marine Eco-Tour in which guests can feed and swim with the sharks. The pier’s configuration offers the availability for a night time dive.

Kelong Restaurant has committed to delete Shark Fin Soup from its menu. A complimentary shark tour package will be offered to any newlyweds having a fin free wedding.

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