Western Australia’s Licence to Kill

On Thursday 27 September 2012 the West Australian state premier Colin Barnett and WA Fisheries Minister Norman Moore announced new shark mitigation policy which will see any Great White Shark within 1km of the metropolitan or SW coastline destroyed before it can attack beach patrons.

They also plan on utilising ecologically destructive long and drum-line fishing methods across a vast area of SW coast line. These fishing methods do not discriminate. They kill everything!

In response to this and the many petitions that are being formed as we speak, we the Great White Capital would like to partner with all local and international bodies dedicated to the TRUTH and safe keeping of our oceans. To this end we would like everybody to consider “WHEN IS IT OK TO KILL A GREAT WHITE SHARK?” and JOIN US at http://www.whitesharkcapital.com/

White Shark Capital is a web platform for sharing information, facilitating discussion and increasing awareness about the Great White Shark and one of the places they love to call home: Gansbaai, South Africa. We have created an Infographic (below is a breakdown in word) with a poll which allows people to decide whether they think killing the great white sharks is the answer. In addition to this, we have collated all online petitions and resources about WA’s killing of Great Whites so that there is a central source where people can find and join the conversation. Please join us, let us know what you think and SPREAD THE WORD. Do it for the Great White!!!

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Note by SYM :

Please see the related Press Release by the Department of Fisheries, Western Australia,
27. September 2012,  Shark mitigation to protect beachgoers




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  1. Angel

    This is the most stupid thing that can be done.
    If you are able to kill the shark before it enters the popular beaches, why not warn people to get out of water instead of killing the shark.
    Limit the places to surf and swim where there are patrols to warn people.
    Tag the great whites and using satalites follow the movements and close the beaches before anyone gets into the water if there is a shark around.
    So human low populated area comparing to the length of shore and you find the solution in killing the sharks.
    There will always be sharks and swimmers and you can not kill all the sharks. There will be interactions. To use the ocean for a few months for fun, you can not kill the sharks that lives there and they have nowhere else to live.
    They do not come to your home and attack you in your garden. Just stay out of the ocean if you are afraid, go swim in a pool. You will be fine and safe.
    If you want to swim in the ocean in an unpatrolled beach, you better take some chances. If not, please don’t get into water. People will kill sharks beacuse of your fun…

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