US Atlantic Dogfish Fishery Close to MSC Certification

The United States Atlantic Fishery for Spiny Dogfish
Marine Stewardship Council Certification
Certification Body: Moody Marine Ltd



Announcement of Determination and Release of the Final Report for Stakeholder Consultation

Following a 30 day period of comment on the Draft Report, the independent Governing Board of the certification body for the above fishery, Moody Marine Ltd, has reviewed the report of the assessment team, the reports of the peer reviewers and all stakeholder comments.

The Determination reached by the certification body is that THE UNITED STATES ATLANTIC FISHERY FOR SPINY DOGFISH SHOULD be certified according to the MSC Principles and Criteria.

The Final Report relating to this assessment is now available on the MSC’s website ( Link to PDF below) .

Please note that this is a determination, not a final certification result. This fishery is therefore not certified, nor is it able to use the MSC’s logo on any products until the final consultation period has been concluded.

There is now a 15 working day period during which any party that disagrees with this determination may send a written statement of intent to lodge an objection. A description of the grounds for objection can be found in the MSC Objections Procedure, on the MSC’s website: (

Any intent to file an Objection should first be addressed to Paul Knapman at Intertek Moody and copied to the MSC’s Chief Executive (, by 1700 GMT on the 7th August 2012.

Ian Scott
10 July 2012

Final Report – July 2012:

PDF : Stakeholder Notification: Final report and determination – 17 July 2012







Source: Marine Stewardship Council


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