Shark Week 2012: Shark Fight – Shark Hunter’s Change of Heart

Video uploaded by DiscoveryNetworks on 31. July 2012 :

After a shark attack, one man decides to take all of his aggression out on sharks, but eventually has a change of heart. “Shark Fight” is part of the Shark Week 25th Anniversary lineup.

FYI – This is a trailer of one of Shark Year Magazines co-owners Al Brenneka. Watch Shark Fight this Shark Week. Wednesday the 15th at 9:00PM.



  1. AlB

    It was great to look at the site and see a video of yourself.  Thanks Helmut!!!

  2. Kat Jones

    Al, that made me feel all the feelings as you have told me the story yourself. But to see it
    as only imagined it was unbelievable.
    As life says, you don’t know unless you have experienced it yourself.
    I am so proud to be your friend and know how you feel on how this has lead your life.
    I am Blessed to be a close friend and how you let nothing stop you from your goals
    in anything you choose to do.

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