Whale Shark Served in Chinese Restaurant

9 August 2011, Spitsnieuws.

A Chinese seafood restaurant had a complete whale shark on the menu.

The 5.8 metre long shark was dragged into the kitchen by 50 employees.

According to the owner of the Wanzi Port Restaurant in Zhenjiang, the whale shark was found ‘washed up’ on the beach and he bought it for 100.000 Yuan (ca. 15.500 US Dollar).

But his chef had never dismembered such a big animal before, so a local butcher was invited to do the job.

The restaurant sold more than 300 kg of shark meat.

Source and Photos: spitsnieuws.nl


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  1. The whale shark is a protected species nationally and internationally. These people don’t know the laws. Their illegal activities would be stopped, and owners and staff would be fined and face legal actions by local and central government agencies.

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