Shark Fisheries in Argentina and Uruguay

Argentina/Uruguay agree TACs for sharks and rays in common fishing zone

By ‘ Blue Channel 24 ‘, 26 July 2011.

Argentina and Uruguay have agreed on total allowable catches (TAC) of 4,000 tons and 9,000 tons for smooth-hound shark (Mustelus spp.) and ray (Rajidae) in the Common Fishing Zone (CFZ), which is shared by the neighbouring countries.

According to Resolution 5/11, published in the Official Gazette of Argentina, the limit set for this year reflects the findings from the Chondrichthyes Working Group, which recommends “sustainable catches” of the two species.

The Joint Technical Commission for Maritime Front, CTMFM, also agreed on a monthly exchange of data on the two species capture and landing data.

Argentina’s Under-Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture indicates that between January and 15 July, a total of 3.762 tons of smooth-hound shark were unloaded in Argentine ports. This is below the 4.470 tons for the similar period a year ago.

Regarding ray, 11,735 tons were unloaded in Argentine ports from January 1 to July 15 this year. This is higher than the 10.876 tons for the same period last year.
CTMFM numbers show that until May this year, 1,783 tons of smooth-hound shark and 5,083 tons of ray were caught in the CFZ.

Finally, it was estimated that last year 4.371 tons of gatuzo were caught – 4.118 tons landed by Argentine vessels and 253 tons by Uruguayan ships — and 9.227 tons of ray were captured –8.163 tons by Argentine vessels and 1.104 tons by Uruguayan ships- reported Pescare.

Source and Photo Credit: Blue Channel 24 .



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