EU: MP calls for action on spurdog discards

Published by ‘Hebrides News Today’, on 17. October 2013

Western Isles  MP Angus MacNeil has today written to the Governments in Edinburgh and London regarding the amount of boxes of spur dog that are continuing to be dumped at sea because of quota restrictions. Mr MacNeil has urged that both the UK Government and Scottish Government make a strong case to the EU to get these restrictions lifted so that boxes of spur dog need not be dumped at sea.

Mr MacNeil commented:

“One fisherman contacted me this week to say he was ‘just sick’ as he had to dump 40 boxes of spur dog at sea on Wednesday of this week, which makes a total of 200 boxes being dumped at sea since September.

“The fish was a non targeted by-catch and was taken up dead, it is a nuisance to fishermen as it seems so plentiful on the grounds and is also filling nets and wasting time.

“It is wrong that such fish which has market demand is dumped. It also means that other fish are needed instead, adding pressure to other species. This case is the CFP gone mad, the bureaucracy is frustratingly crazy and a perfect example of why Iceland Norway and Faros will have nothing to do with the CFP.

“I have contacted the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Owen Paterson MP, and also the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead MSP, regarding this issue and I have asked how this works with zero discards?

“I have also asked that if some non targeted by catch be allowed it would end the waster of so much spur dog being dumped at sea.”

Source: Hebrides News Today


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