Study on Freshness of Dried Shark

Published on 20. April 2012

Effect of the Freshness of Starting Material on the Final Product Quality of Dried Salted Shark

Aliya Al Ghabshi, Humaid Al-Khadhuri, Nasser Al-Aboudi, Sami Al-Gharabi, Aziz Al-Khatri, Nashwa Al-Mazrooei and Ponnerassery Sukumaran Sudheesh


This study describes the relationship between the freshness of the starting raw material (fish) and the final product quality in experimentally dried shark fish. Sharks were stored at room temperature (25ºC) for 0, 24 and 48 h and then salted, processed and sun dried at ambient temperatures ranging from 35 to 42ºC. There was marked difference in sensory and microbiological quality of fresh fish stored to different time periods, but, after drying, the quality difference was negligible. The results of this study show that storage of fish up to 48 h under experimental conditions at room temperature does not affect major microbiological quality and proximate composition of the final dried product.

Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 4(2): 60-63.



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