20 Oct 2011 Great White Shark Attacks Surfer in Oregon

By Rick Beasley For the News Times, 20. October 2011: A surfer on Thursday survived the attack of a great white shark that destroyed his surfboard and shattered his nerves. Bobby Gumm was 200 yards off the beach at South Beach State Park with four companions when he was thrown into the air by a shark estimated to be 16 to 20 feet in length. Fellow surfer Ron Clifford who was nearby described the unnerving scene. “I thought I heard Bobby yell for help and I turned to look,” said Clifford, 57, a retired civil engineer from Huntington Beach, Calif., who retired to Waldport for the surfing. “The water was roiling like piranhas were attacking, and suddenly he and his board were lifted ten feet into the air.” According to Clifford, Gumm had just positioned himself for a wave and was sitting on his surfboard “when he felt a bump on his leg and saw it was a shark — that’s when he yelled for help.” ( continue )

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